Biology G

  • Course number:
    • Part 1: T222S (Summer), T222F (Fall), T222W (Winter)
    • Part 2: T223S (Summer), T223F (Fall), T223W (Winter)
  • Grade(s) offered: 11-12
  • Credits: .5 (per semester)
  • Prerequisites: Physical Science, Chemistry. Completion of Part 1 before Part 2.

Course Description: This course is a study of biology, with an emphasis on biology topics at the cellular and molecular level. The concepts that are covered include the cell, membranes, biochemistry, metabolism, enzymes, photosynthesis, cell respirations, molecular basis of inheritance, cell division, patterns of inheritance, ecology, evolution and human body systems. This course is designed for students interested in having a more rigorous college-preparatory biology experience.

Instructional Methods/Assessments: Instructional methods include labs, lectures, discussions, videos, computer software and Internet activities, periodical readings, and written assignments that include graphing and analysis. Assessments include lab write-ups, quizzes, tests, homework, textbook readings, tests offered quarterly and a final exam.

Recommended Background for Success: An understanding of basic chemistry concepts.

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