AP Environmental Science

  • Course number:
    • Part 1: T200S (Summer), T200F (Fall), T200W (Winter)
    • Part 2: T202S (Summer), T202F (Fall), T202W (Winter)
  • Grade(s) offered: 11 - 12
  • Credits: .5 (per semester)
  • Prerequisites: Chemistry, Physical Science for Part 1. Completion of Part 1 before Part 2.

Course Description: This is a full-year course for students interested in the world’s natural environment and related issues. Students will analyze environmental issues and alternative solutions for resolving or preventing them. This multidisciplinary course will include diverse topics in sociology, ethics, earth science, ecology, population dynamics, land and water use, energy resources, pollution, and global change. It is expected that students electing this course will take the AP exam. AP Environmental Science is designed to be the equivalent of a one semester, introductory college course in environmental science.

Instructional Methods/Assessments: Instructional methods include online lectures, tutorial activities, independent research projects, and field trips. Instructor support will be provided to students for each unit of study and exam preparation. Assessments include tests, quizzes, projects, lab reports and a final exam.

Recommended Background for Success: A solid understanding of concepts in Life Science, Earth Science, Chemistry and/or Physical science.

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