AP Calculus Prep

  • Course number: T316S (Summer)
  • Grade(s) offered: 9-12
  • Credits: NA
  • Prerequisites: Successful completion of Precalculus

Course Description: AP Calculus Prep is an online course for the student that wants a solid background in calculus in preparation for AP Calculus AB, or is bypassing AP Calculus AB and going directly in AP Calculus BC. Students completing this online course will be prepared for the rigor of AP Calculus AB and/or AP Calculus BC. This course will cover the skills required for first semester college calculus.

This course is open to students that have the desire to accelerate their mathematical learning, or wish to enhance their understanding of calculus, or would like a refresher course before taking on a calculus course—at the high school or college level.

Instructional Methods/Assessments: The course will be taught online, using lectures, Schoology quizzes, summative assessments after each chapter and required online homework. There will also be a library of practice problems with solutions for students to practice.

Recommended Background for Success: Students taking this course will have completed Precalculus or higher. The successful student will be self-motivated, curious and organized. The course will cover a year’s worth of skills necessary for success in AP Calculus AB and BC; students must commit to the daily work and practice required for success.

Tonka Online students working at home