Independent Living

  • Course number: T900S (Summer), T900F (Fall), T900W (Winter)
  • Grades offered: 11, 12
  • Credits: 0.5 (per semester)
  • Prerequisites: None

Course Description: This course is designed to teach juniors and seniors successful strategies for life after high school. Topics include: college preparation, budgeting, handling a credit card, credit score, loans, identity theft, interviewing and resume writing skills, renting an apartment, buying a car, obtaining insurance, etc. Parents consistently claim they wish this class was required and past students email often with stories of using knowledge from class in the real world.

Instructional Methods/Assessments: Instructional methods include real-life problem solving, notes and projects. Assessments include projects, quizzes and tests.

Recommended Background for Success: Students should have basic math skills (adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division) and effective study skills.

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