English 12

  • Course number: T700S (Summer), T700F (Fall), T700W (Winter)
  • Grade(s) offered: 12
  • Credits: .5 (semester course)
  • Prerequisites: English 11

Course Description: This course provides students with the opportunity to reflect on themselves—who they are, where they are, and where they are going—as they prepare to transition into the next phase of their lives. While this is an English course that does focus on developing skills in reading, writing, speaking, and viewing, it also encourages students to consider how key themes in both classic and contemporary literature connect to their own journeys. Course assessments ask students not only to demonstrate their understanding of the texts, but also to make personal connections in their writing and speaking. Materials will include classic and contemporary texts, and non-traditional text-types. The culminating project will be a research-based experience. As this is an online course, students will also develop their abilities to work independently and manage their time responsibly. There will also be an emphasis on soft skills, such as proper email etiquette, initiating meetings with the instructor, self organization, and proper digital communication with classmates.

Instructional Methods/Assessments: Discussion, lecture, and various fiction and nonfiction texts are the primary methods for presenting course material. There is occasional small group and partner work as some assessments require collaboration. Students’ assessments include a variety of written tasks. This is a literature-focused course, but there are significant aspects of writing and reading/research work.

Recommended Background for Success: Students who are curious about and willing to engage with the people and world around them will be good candidates for this course. Students must be motivated to expand their perspective and to develop and improve their reading, critical thinking, and writing skills. They must be willing to write and work both collaboratively and independently and respectfully react and respond to the texts. Independence, risk-taking and resiliency are other important factors of success.

Tonka Online students working at home