English 11

  • Course number:
    • Part 1: T702F (Fall), T702W (Winter)
    • Part 2: T703F (Fall), T703W (Winter)
  • Grades offered: 11
  • Credits: .5 (per semester)
  • Prerequisites: English 10

Course Description: English 11 focuses on diverse voices and cultures through a variety of text types. From graphic novels to film to classic literature, students will focus on the individual’s place in society. Student writing will include traditional essays, as well as more creative and exploratory pieces. Students will also practice and refine research skills, with an emphasis on persuasion and synthesis. In addition, students will work on vocabulary development and review grammar and usage to help prepare for the SAT and ACT. The culminating experience for students in English 11 is personal narrative writing that can segue into the college essay. As this is an online course, students will also develop their abilities to work independently and manage their time responsibly. There will also be an emphasis on soft skills, such as proper email etiquette, initiating meetings with the instructor, self organization, and proper digital communication with classmates.

Instructional Methods/Assessments: Readings, videos, and discussion boards based on assigned readings are the primary instructional methods. Students will be assessed by means of homework, quizzes, unit tests, essays, digital projects, and written projects.

Recommended Background for Success: Students should be prepared to develop and improve their reading, critical thinking, discussion, and writing skills. They should expect to participate in online discussions and work independently. Students will need to manage time, complete daily reading assignments, and submit assignments on time. Students should be prepared to hear multiple perspectives and to respectfully react and respond to these voices. As this is an online course, students who are self motivated, highly organized, and able to set personal goals will be most successful. Students who have success completing work outside of a classroom or without teacher supervision will excel.

Tonka Online students working at home