Tonka Online Course List

Tonka Online offers the courses listed below. Click on a course title below to read specific details. Note the term each course is offered, as some are available throughout the year and others are only during the summer term.

Please note that due to the supplemental nature of Tonka Online, courses run if they meet enrollment requirements. Courses listed as “Pending Enrollment” indicates that the minimum enrollment has not yet been met. If you have questions about pending courses, please contact the Tonka Online Lead Teacher.

ArtAP Art HistoryFall10-12
ArtDigital PhotographySummer, Fall, Winter9-12
ArtDrawingSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
Computer ScienceAP Computer Science PrinciplesSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
Computer ScienceInto to Computer ScienceSummer6-12
Computer Science
Intro to App Development with SwiftSummer, Winter, Fall9-12
EnglishAP Language and CompositionSummer, Fall, Winter12
EnglishEnglish 11Fall, Winter11
EnglishEnglish 12Summer, Fall, Winter12
EnglishComposition for College 12Summer, Fall, Winter


Family & Consumer ScienceIndependent LivingSummer, Fall, Winter11-12
MathAP Calculus PrepSummer8-12
MathAP StatisticsSummer, Fall, Winter10-12
MathFunctions, Stats and TrigonometrySummer, Fall, Winter9-12
MathFunctions, Stats and Trigonometry (AP Stats Prep)Summer10-12
MathFunctions, Stats and Trigonometry (Pre-Calc Prep)Summer9-12
MathGeometrySummer, Fall, Winter9-12
MathHigher AlgebraSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
MathHigher Algebra HonorsSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
MathPre-Calculus HonorsSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
MathQuadratic AlgebraSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
MusicAmerican Popular MusicSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
Other ElectiveModel U.N.Winter10-12
Physical EducationFitness ASummer, Fall, Winter9-12
Physical EducationWellness BSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
ScienceAP Environmental ScienceSummer, Fall, Winter11-12
ScienceAP Physics C - MechanicsWinter9-12
ScienceBiology GFall, Winter11
ScienceExcel and Stats in BiologySummer, Fall, Winter9-12
ScienceChemistry HonorsSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
SciencePhysics GSummer, Fall, Winter11-12
SciencePre-AP BiologySummer10-12
SciencePre-AP ChemistrySummer9-12
Social StudiesAP Comparative GovernmentSummer, Fall, Winter11-12
Social StudiesAP MacroeconomicsSummer, Fall, Winter11-12
Social StudiesAP PsychologySummer, Fall, Winter11-12
Social StudiesAP World HistoryFall, Winter11-12
Social StudiesPrinciples of U.S. Government and PoliticsSummer, Fall, Winter10-12
Social StudiesAP U.S. Government and PoliticsWinter11-12
Social StudiesContemporary U.S. History GSummer, Fall, Winter10
Social StudiesPre-AP U.S. HistorySummer10
Social StudiesWorld History GSummer, Fall, Winter11
World LanguagesFrench ISummer, Fall, Winter9-12
World LanguagesFrench II HonorsSummer, Fall, Winter
World LanguagesFrench III HonorsSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
World LanguagesSpanish ISummer, Fall, Winter9-12
World LanguagesSpanish II honorsSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
World languagesSpanish III HonorsSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
World LanguagesAmerican Sign Language ISummer, Fall, Winter9-12
World Languages

American Sign Language II

Summer, Fall, Winter9-12
Chinese and Spanish ImmersionChinese Film and CultureSummer, Fall, Winter9-12
Chinese and Spanish ImmersionSpanish Film and CultureSummer, Fall, Winter 10-12
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