Tonka Online (Supplemental)

Online Education for All Minnesota Students

Tonka Online, open to all students in Minnesota, offers an exceptional learning experience with more than 60 courses. This supplemental program allows you to take up to half of your classes online, while staying in your home district or program. Whether your student is enrolled in the Minnetonka Public School District, attends another public or private school, or is home-schooled - all students in Minnesota can take advantage of Tonka Online.

Experience Makes the Difference

  • Courses are developed in-house and taught by real Minnetonka teachers with years of experience in providing online and traditional education.
  • Each course is designed specifically for online learning to ensure students receive an exceptional experience
  • Our courses meet the highest quality curricular expectations of the Minnetonka School District.
  • Your teacher will be available throughout your experience to guide you to success.

Make Your Personalized 4-Year Plan Possible

  • Gain flexibility by completing courses on your own time
  • Earn required course credit to make space in your schedule
  • Leap ahead by taking a prep class in a challenge subject
  • Immerse yourself in a AP course and get college credit
  • Pursue electives that align with your passions

Start Your Registration

Registration is easy with Tonka Online! Click on the button below that corresponds with your student type.

Note: Depending on class size, we may be able to enroll students past the final deadline, pending approval. Please email to inquire about late enrollment.

Out-of-District Students

For students in grades 9-12 throughout the state of Minnesota.

Out-of-District Registration


In-District Students

For students currently enrolled in Minnetonka High School
grades 9-12 and incoming freshmen.

MHS Student Registration

Full Online School Option

Minnetonka Schools offers Tonka Online, an exceptional e-learning experience for students in grades K-12. This fully online program allows students anywhere in Minnesota to have access to the same highly qualified teachers and innovative curriculum that the Minnetonka Public School District is known for providing.

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