VANTAGE is Minnetonka High School’s advanced professional studies program. Through experiential learning, students are exposed to a vibrant example of innovation in modern education. VANTAGE offers a unique way for high school students to apply their coursework in real-world settings. Students solve authentic problems though project-based assignments. The VANTAGE experience includes working one-on-one with a mentor for the year, regular guest instruction and site visits, all while fulfilling rigorous academic credit requirements.

Note: When students register for one VANTAGE course in Skyward, they will be automatically enrolled in all associated courses.

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Areas of Focus and Targeted Skills

VANTAGE offers seven areas of focus or "strands:"

  1. Business Analytics
  2. Design + Marketing
  3. Digital Journalism
  4. Global Business
  5. Global Sustainability
  6. Health Sciences
  7. User Experience (UX) Design

The VANTAGE experience allows students to grow within the VANTAGE targeted skills:

  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Immersion

    VANTAGE Global Business (#V102) provides optional enrichment opportunities for immersion students. Immersion students meet with a language teacher several times per month during zero hour and participate in small group in-language discussions that are integrated with the VANTAGE curriculum. Pending the mentor pool for the year, immersion students may be paired with a bilingual mentor. Additionally, VANTAGE projects and events may include opportunities to use the target language in real-world situations.

    Course Listing

    Business Analytics (VANTAGE)

    Course: #V100
    Grade(s) offered: 11 or 12
    Credits: 2.0 (1.0 math credit and 1.0 business elective credit)
    Prerequisites: Interest in global business and statistics. Students registering for IB Business Management HL must have completed the SL level.

    This course teaches students the process of analyzing big data and discovering new information to support management decision-making in the business world.

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    Design + Marketing (VANTAGE)

    Course: #V104
    Grades Offered: 11-12
    Credits: 2.0 (1.0 Arts credit and 1.0 business elective credit)
    This course fulfills the Arts credit requirement.
    Prerequisites: Interest in digital marketing,  graphic design or product/industrial design.

    This course brings together form and function as students  design and create 2D and 3D products. Students learn how marketing impacts the design and distribution of products.

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    Digital Journalism (VANTAGE)

    Course: #V600
    Grade(s) offered: 11 or 12
    Credits: 2.0 (1.0 required English credit and 1.0 Arts credit)
    Prerequisites: Interest in digital media and journalism

    Students learn about journalistic video production by working on a variety projects including writing memoirs, public service announcements and promotional videos for outside organization

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    Global Business (VANTAGE)

    Course: #V102
    Grade(s) offered: 11 or 12
    Credits: 3.0 (1.0 social studies credit, 1.0 required English credit and 1.0 business elective credit)
    Prerequisites: Interest in global business, students registering for IB Business Management HL must have completed the SL level

    This VANTAGE strand creates an opportunity for students to explore diverse global business concepts through a global lens. Students utilized critical thinking and problem-solving skills to solve complex business problems while tackling challenging coursework in economics, English and business.

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    Global Sustainability (VANTAGE)

    Course: #V300
    Grades Offered: 11 or 12
    Credits: 2.0 (1.0 science elective credit and 1.0 social studies credit)
    Prerequisites: Interest in the environment and sustainability. Students must have completed a Biology credit (Biology G, AP Biology or IB Biology SL).

    This experiential course meets students at the intersection of science, food, sustainability, and economics. Students work on real projects as they go deep into sustainable practices.

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    Health Sciences (VANTAGE)

    Course: #V200
    Grade(s) offered: 11 or 12
    Credits: 2.25 (1.0 social studies credit, 1.0 science elective credit, .25 science elective credit)
    Prerequisites: Physical science and algebra; interest in health sciences; chemistry strongly recommended. Students who have already completed Anatomy are NOT eligible for this strand. Contact VANTAGE directly or your counselor for specifics.

    Explore a variety of healthcare fields through coursework, site visits, guest instruction and projects. Become certified as a Nursing Assistant Registered or Emergency Medical Responder.

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    User Experience (UX) Design (VANTAGE)

    Course: #V500
    Grade(s) offered: 10-12
    Credits: 2.0 (1.0 Arts credit and 1.0 computer science elective credit)
    This course fulfills the Arts credit requirement.
    Prerequisites: Interest in how applications and websites are designed and developed.

    Develop skills in creative problem solving, innovation and human-centered design. Design and develop mobile apps and websites through the VANTAGE experience.

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    VANTAGE Students meeting with mentors