International Studies

International Studies & Exchange is an independent study course where each student establishes a relationship with one student in either Russia, Serbia, Germany, South Africa, India, Spain, Norway or Greece and then completes specific assignments with their correspondent throughout the year. These assignments require (among other things) comparison of cultures, school systems, economies, challenges facing their nations and personal family history.

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Program Mission

While the benefits of the International Studies & Exchange program are many and varied, our core mission is to provide an opportunity for students to gain an international perspective and establish cross-cultural skills which will insure their success in future global environments. Participating students have the opportunity to:

  • develop an awareness of cultural difference
  • understand world view and its role in intercultural competence
  • communicate
  • behave effectively in intercultural situations

Communication with International Student

Students communicate with their international partner about one to three times a week using Skype, e-mail and Facebook; and attend class twice a month (during zero hour). The program contains the potential to both travel abroad and host a foreign student. All travel and hosting opportunities are optional. The exception to this is the German program (see course description, below). Students who have success in the program receive a semester credit which is graded and placed on their school transcript.

Coursework and Independent Study Expectations

As an independent study course, students are required to complete most coursework outside of the regular school day. There are eight major topics addressed in a series of assignments for each month of the academic year. Assignments and assessments include essays, research projects, online discussion boards, and multimedia projects and presentations. Students are also required to attend small group meetings to discuss and reflect on their learning.

Course Listing

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