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Embedded Health Model: Current Health Topics 9-12

Grade(s) offered: 9-12 (by the completion of senior year)
Credits: .5
Prerequisites: None
This course does not require registration.

Course Description:
Embedded Health is designed to cover relevant health education topics in the lives of teens both today and into the future. Programming is designed to offer comprehensive support for students throughout their four years at MHS in the realm of personal wellness and is built-in to each student's semester schedule. 

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Health (Tonka Online)

Course: #THLTH1
Grade Offered: 9-12, summer only
Credits: 0.5
Prerequisites: This course is for out-of-district students only.

Recommended Background for Success:
Students who enroll in this course must be motivated throughout the summer months to complete their work, and exhibit strong study skills.

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