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Current Health Topics 9-12

Grade(s) offered: 9-12 (by the completion of senior year)
Credits: .5
Prerequisites: None
This course does not require registration.

Course Description:
This course is intended to introduce students to current topics in health throughout their four years in high school. The instruction will be integrated into the school day.

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Health (Tonka Online)

Course: #THLTH1
Grade Offered: 9-12, summer only
Credits: 0.5
Prerequisites: This course is for out-of-district students only.

Recommended Background for Success:
Students who enroll in this course must be motivated throughout the summer months to complete their work, and exhibit strong study skills.

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healthy foods and chart

Well-Being at Minnetonka

student and teacher talking

The Well-Being website was created for our parents and school community as a tool to provide information and connections in the area of student academic, social, emotional and behavioral well-being. The following resources give an overview of student well-being and outline our school processes for accessing supports within the district and from the wide variety of community agencies out there which can provide additional supports.

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Academic Standards

Minnetonka Public Schools adheres to academic standards developed by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).

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