Minnetonka Research Class of 2017

Name College/University Academic plans

Rachel Adamek

Adamek, Rachel

Seattle University

I will be studying International Studies as well as French and Communications.

Barnard Martha.jpg

Barnard, Martha

St. Olaf College

I'm planning on majoring in Biology and maybe Math

Bartoloni Sarah.jpg

Bartoloni, Sarah


I plan on majoring in Sustainable Chemistry or Environmental Science

Conati Marco.jpg

Conati, Marco

Harvey Mudd College

Undergraduate degree for sure(subject undecided).


Eggenberger, John

University of Minnesota


Carl Ell-Egermeier

Ell-Egermeier, Carl

Arizona State University, Tempe campus

Mechanical Engineering, maybe a design focus

Fahlsing Emily.jpg

Fahlsing, Emily

Barnard College of Columbia University

Undecided but leaning towards studying international relations

Gaffney, Peter

U of Minnesota

Major in Biology/Microbiology

Green Evan.jpg

Green, Evan

St. Olaf

I plan on following the pre-medicine track at St. Olaf


Hebeisen, Dan

University of Minnesota-Duluth

I currently plan to major in Biology

Hestrom Burt.jpg

Hedstrom, Burton

University of St. Thomas

I will be pursuing a mechanical engineering degree.

Houghton Jessie.jpg

Houghton, Jessica

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

My primary area of study next year will be Material Science Engineering. I am also very interested in Astrophysics, Entrepreneurship, and Film Studies and will likely take classes regarding those fields as well.

Kiefer Dylan.jpg

Kiefer, Dylan

Michigan Tech


Li, Ethan

UC San Diego

Math major

Linden Peter.jpg

Linden, Peter

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Majoring in Economics, potentially going Pre-Law

Liu Aaron.jpg

Liu, Aaron

St. Cloud State

Major in Computer Science maybe Stats and pre-Med

Mahoney, Eddie

Iowa State

Double major in computer science and physics and a minor in mathematics

Kenna McRae.JPG

McRae, Kenna

Arizona State University, Barrett Honors College

I'm undecided on specific plans for a major and career as of now, but I'm excited to pursue the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead!

Mecklenburg Dalton.jpg

Mecklenburg, Dalton

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Engineering Major

Muller, Matthew

St. Olaf College Study statistics and mathematics

O'connell Fiona.jpg

O'Connell, Fiona

University of Chicago

Major in Computational and Applied Math, pursue research applying data analysis to public policy and public health issues.

O'Connor Will.jpg

O'Connor, William

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

I plan to continue my education in the Biology major within the U of MN's College of Biological Sciences, and participate in lab research throughout my 4 years.

Patridge Sarah.jpg

Patridge, Sarah

St. Cloud State University

Majoring in meteorology

Peifer Lindsay.PNG

Peifer, Lindsay

University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities

I plan to major in Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development and continue to participate in research that aims to improve the lives of those who suffer from rare diseases.

Queenan Jack.jpg

Queenan, Jack

University of St. Thomas

I am pursuing major in Chemistry and/or Mechanical Engineering at UST. I am considering going to graduate school to continue study in biomedical engineering.

Retzlaff Adrienne.jpg

Retzlaff, Adrienne

Johns Hopkins University

I am planning to double major in biochemistry and neuroscience, and I am on the pre-med track. I would like to pursue an MD-PhD in the future.

Rieder Gillian.JPG

Rieder, Gillian

University of Vermont

Biology major with a pre-med program

Rundquist Abigail.JPG

Rundquist, Abigail

Drake University

Biology and Psychology Double Major

Sangma Maddy.JPG

Sangma, Maddy

United States Naval Academy

Major in astrophysics or chemistry, hopefully continuing my research project in college

Isaac Senior Photo.jpg

Schrof, Isaac

University of Pennsylvania

I plan to pursue a dual degree from the School of Engineering and the Wharton School of Business

Sotto Sky.jpg

Sotto, Sky

University of Chicago

I plan to major in Physics, Computer Science, and Math. I'd like to continue doing scientific research in college.

Teske Tille

Teske, Tillian

Lawrence University

Intended Field of Study: Mathematics and Biology

Wang Jessie.JPG

Wang, Jessie



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