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2022 Symposium Invite

2022 Minnetonka Research Symposium

The 2022 Minnetonka Research Symposium will be held Wednesday, June 1.

The Minnetonka Research Symposium is an annual event showcasing student research. This research program connects accelerated students with industry partners and academic mentors, promoting collaboration on their personal research studies.

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Minnetonka Research Symposium

Minnetonka Research provides students the opportunity to pursue authentic research driven by their own questions and interests. By connecting students with leaders in academia and industry this program inspires and guides students as they develop 21st Century Skills (communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration). Students leave the program ready to engage in challenging college courses and cutting-edge careers in fields of inquiry.

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  2. Contact your school counselor or kimberly.hoehne@minnetonkaschools.org


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