International Baccalaureate (IB)

If you're looking for a rigorous, college-level course of study, community camaraderie and potential college credit, you'll find it all in the full IB Diploma Programme at Minnetonka High School. IB is ideally suited for motivated students who enjoy delving deeper into concepts and considering their global implications. IB students share a well-rounded academic experience that emphasizes critical thinking, intercultural understanding and exposure to diverse viewpoints.

International BaccalaureateAbout IB at MHS

The IB Diploma Programme at Minnetonka can be described as a smaller learning community of academically motivated students (check out their newsletter, at right). It is an all-inclusive, two-year curriculum that provides a deep, thought-provoking course of study in six areas through junior and senior year. You'll enroll in a core group of IB classes with other IB Diploma Candidates; however, you will still interact with other students enrolled in individual IB classes, fine arts, and after-school activities throughout all four years of high school.

The strengths of the program are its academic rigor and comprehensive curriculum enhanced by an inquiry into the theory of knowledge, research, creativity, action, service and a capstone extended essay.

A full description of each IB course is available in the Skipper Log Course Catalog.

Picture Yourself in the IB Diploma Programme at Minnetonka High School

Testimonials from Past IB Students

"I'm attending Middlebury College in Vermont. Happy I did the IB program. It has made my transfer to college easier."
William, Class of 2015

"The IB program & IB teachers have completely prepared me for my courses at UW-Madison—everyone should go IB."

Erin, Class of 2015

"Choosing IB was one the best decisions I have ever made. IB prepared me so well for college. I had a very successful first year, and I owe much of that to the incredible preparation IB provided. I also had a lot of fun in the program, and am very happy to have done it."
Leah, Class of 2014

"At UW-Madison studying Strategic Communication. The IB Program was one of the better decisions I've ever made."
Connor, Class of 2014

"At College of the Holy Cross double majoring in chemistry and Spanish and going pre-med! IB put me far above my peers!"
Michael, Class of 2014

"I'm attending the U of M-Twin Cities, majoring in Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development and Spanish Studies. The IB program augmented my ability to express thought through the written and spoken word in every subject, fostering my ability to communicate effectively and productively both within and outside the classroom."
Meredith, Class of 2014


Laura Herbst
Advanced Learning Coordinator (AP/IB)

Counseling Appointments

Phil Trout
College Counselor

Resources from MHS

NEW EDITION! Student Newsletter by MHS Diploma Candidates

Check out these fun, colorful, newsletters developed by MHS IB Diploma Candidates:

2017 Student Newsletter

2016 Student Newsletter

Presentation: 10 Things to Know About IB

View the 10 Things to Know About IB PowerPoint presentation delivered during the student/parent information meetings at Minnetonka High School.

IB Assessments

Learn how IB assessments (papers, written coursework, oral presentations, etc.) are weighted by IB group and individual course.

IB Diploma Program How-To

Here is a quick reference guide showing the central components of the IB Diploma Programme.

IB Course Choice Worksheets | Including Bilingual Diploma

IB course choice worksheets will help you select classes for your junior and senior years.

Interested sophomores should apply for the IB Diploma Programme and then consult with Laura Herbst, MHS Advanced Learning Coordinator, to complete a two-year IB Diploma plan.

IB Courses and Teachers

Wondering who's teaching an IB course? Review the IB courses and teachers list and reach out if you have questions about a specific class.

Points Needed to Earn the IB Diploma

To successfully earn the diploma, you must meet the IB point requirements and other conditions.

IB Math Pathways

10th grade Higher Algebra is the only math prerequisite to begin the IB Diploma Programme. However, Minnetonka High School offers multiple levels of rigor and IB mathematics pathways depending on a student’s level and interest.

IB Myths Debunked

What have you heard about IB? Wondering if it's true? IB Myths-Debunked gives you the real scoop on the Diploma Programme.

AP and IB College Credit Links

Learn more about a college or university's policies on admissions, IB college credit, course placement and/or advanced standing: