Graduation Requirements

A Minnetonka diploma is a symbol of academic excellence and personal achievement of the highest order.
School Board Vision

Graduation Requirements

To receive a Minnetonka High School diploma, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete the following required course credits (0.5 credits = one semester)
Subject Credits Notes



Students can fulfill the Arts credit through a variety of classes. This credit can be fulfilled in any grade, so look ahead and choose the course(s) that best match your interests. See Arts Credit Course List.
English 4.0


Math 3.0

Students must complete Higher Algebra, an equivalent, or higher level, as part of the three-credit requirement.


Science 3.0

One credit must be a biology credit, and one credit must be earned in Chemistry or Physics.


Health 0.5

Health Education is embedded into the educational program throughout our students' four years. Successful completion of the entire four-year health program is required for graduation. (Students do not register for Health; all students are automatically enrolled.)


Physical Education 1.0

Students can complete their 1.0 PE credit any time in their four years of high school through a variety of options.


Social Studies 3.5

Three credits must follow the 9th through 11th grade sequence; 0.5 credits must be in either the 12th grade Global Studies/Economics G course, or an elective AP/IB course. Psychology G or Sociology G may be taken in addition to 3.5, but will not fulfill the graduation requirements for Social Studies.

Electives 6.5  
Total Credits Required 22.5  


Class of 2016 Graduates