Project Opportunities

Job Shadow/Internship

Students who choose to job-shadow typically select a career they plan to pursue. A good Senior Capstone project will be designed so that the student can get involved in some way. Proper planning, and a thorough interview with your Professional Mentor, will help ensure a meaningful experience.

You do not have to spend every day with your Professional Mentor. He or she will be in charge of overseeing your project at the work site, but it will also be enriching to work with a variety of people. A good project gives you several points of view.


  • Teacher Assistant
  • Animal Hospital Intern
  • Dental Intern
  • Internship at the Hennepin District Court
  • Exploring Medical Careers at a Hospital
  • Dance Studio Intern
  • Police Department Intern
  • Intern at a Bank
  • Intern at a law firm
  • Interior Design Intern
  • Intern at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres

Independent Study

Ever wish you could do an in-depth research project or a creative project beyond the scope of high school? Here is your chance! Make sure that the project will take you 60+ hours to complete (approximately six hours/day). Remember that you will be expected to share your project knowledge and key takeaways with a person, group or a place that could benefit from what you learned. To whom will you present your information? Who will benefit from what you study? You will still need to have a Professional Mentor; in this case, it could be an educator or a professional who can supervise your work.


  • Photograph Minnetonka/Twin Cities
  • Advantages of Pre-Kindergarten Education
  • Capturing School Identity in Photography
  • Guide to----
  • Effects of Pollution on the Environment
  • Comparing Water Quality in the Twin Cities
  • Design a New and Improved Space in Schools
  • Effects of Invasive Species on Local Economy

Service Project

Do you enjoy community service work and wish you could do that for a living? Or do you want to immerse yourself in giving back to the community? You could work alongside a Professional Mentor whose job it is to handle community or charity work. You just need to make sure that the project is one that will take you 60 hours or more (approximately 6 hours/day). So, just participating in a charity run will not qualify you to do this project. You need to work behind the scenes to promote, set-up, participate and reflect on the entire process.


  • Charity run
  • Children’s Hospital
  • E.C.H.O
  • Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
  • Fundraising for ---
  • Volunteering for Minneapolis/Minnetonka
  • Gale Woods Farm

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