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A Professional Mentor is someone who works in your field of interest and is willing to guide and supervise. Family connections are often rich sources of potential Professional Mentors. Finding a mentor can be the most intimidating part of the Senior Capstone project, but it also challenges you to think in a different fashion. Some questions to consider:

  • Which companies in our area offer the type of setting you are looking for?
  • What contacts will you need to make?
  • Does anyone in your family/friend circle have these contacts?
  • If not, can you locate a Professional Mentor in another manner?

Once you identify a potential Professional Mentor, you will meet with this person to ensure your project goals match what the organization and location can offer. Plans, expectations and a schedule will be developed at this or a subsequent meeting.

Pages 4-6 of the Senior Capstone application will need to be signed by the Professional Mentor.

For Mentors

The goal of the Capstone Project is to have our students engage in real-life settings while contributing and adding value to your work, as part of a mutually beneficial experience. My hope is that you or someone you know may be interested in being a potential mentor for one of our seniors.

Express your interest in mentoring a Capstone student by completing the form below.

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Past mentors have really enjoyed working with these highly motivated students. Below are some of their comments:

"Mari was wonderful, she was helpful, willing to do anything we asked. she asked questions and had a real interest in what was going on in the office. She was a breath of fresh air for us."

"She was enthusiastic, dedicated, and overall a pleasure to have as a mentee. Her final product is high quality, and we are excited to be able to directly utilize it (it is an interpretive sign that will be printed and permanently installed at a restoration project site)."

"He was an absolute pleasure to mentor. He was eager to learn, professional, personable with clients, and a lot of help around my studio."

"I was impressed with the amount of work that he accomplished in just a few weeks. He was easy to work with and kept me up to date with his progress."

"It was such a privilege to work with Sawyer; I really feel like she taught me more than I taught her. We had a great time and she really felt more like a colleague than a high school senior. I had a great time hearing her perspective on the workforce, the future and what she is hoping to take away from these experiences. I really feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her!"

Capstone 2019 Students