Frequently Asked Questions

Who will support me during the Senior Capstone project?

Professional Mentor: Your mentor will help you (1) complete the objectives section and sign documents in your Capstone application, (2) provide supervision during your project, (3) offer expertise in your area of study, (4) communicate with the Project Coordinator, if necessary, and (5) complete a final, online questionnaire to provide feedback.

Project Coordinator: Ms. Briana Wilson ( will (1) communicate with students using Schoology, (2) help guide students throughout process, (3) oversee all student projects, (4) communicate with Professional Mentors, if necessary, provide final approval/denials of student proposals, and (5) if possible, visit the project location to see how things are going and evaluate the student experience.

Capstone Committee: This committee is a group of teachers or other staff members who will (1) assist in the process, (2) guide and help students, (3) review the project proposals, and (4) if possible, visit the project location to see how things are going and evaluate the student experience and (5) conduct a 5- to 10-minute exit interview to finalize the experience.

What about end-of-year exams?

It is expected that students selected to do a Senior Capstone project will, by virtue of their superior academic performance, be exempt not only from the last two weeks of coursework, but from projects and exams given during the last two weeks of school. We DO expect students to finish any final projects, speeches, papers, etc. that are a required culminating experience for a course. However, students should not be made responsible for work that takes place during the Senior Capstone project period. NOTE: You will not be excused from work and/or exams given on or prior to Monday, May 20.

In rare circumstances, if an exam is absolutely necessary for a particular class, we expect you to make arrangements with the classroom teacher to take the test.

Will I receive academic credit for my senior capstone project?

No. You will not receive academic credit for participating in the Senior Capstone project.

What if I do not complete my capstone project?

If students do NOT complete their Senior Capstone project, they will receive an incomplete in each of their classes and will be required to do course projects and/or take all culminating exams to receive credit for coursework.

What are my next steps?

  • Check eligibility requirements.
  • Enroll in the “MHS Senior Capstone Project” Schoology course using the access code 4QVX3-F4F75.
  • Download and complete the application and then complete the accompanying Google form.
  • On or before March 15, 2019, complete the Google form and submit the application via Schoology. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • Questions? Email

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Senior Capstone Calendar | Spring 2019

Friday, March 1
Senior Capstone Early Decision Applications Due

Friday, March 15
Senior Capstone Applications Due

Friday, May 17
Last day of school for Senior Capstone students

Monday, May 20-Friday, May 31
Senior Capstone project period

Monday, June 3
Community Fair and five-minute exit interview (11:30 a.m.–1:45 p.m.)

Tuesday, June 4-Wednesday, June 5
Seniors Serve

Thursday, June 6
Class of 2019 Commencement at U.S. Bank Stadium