Advanced Placement (AP)

Fall 2020 Update

Reminders for Parents/Guardians of AP Students If your child already signed up for AP coursework, they have more support than ever to help them learn throughout the year and prepare for AP Exams, where students have the opportunity to earn college credit!

Our team of AP teachers remain dedicated to providing your child with a powerful learning experience this year, and because we know the importance of parent involvement, we have a few updates to help your child stay on track:

  • Make sure your child uses the join code their AP teacher gives them to join their class section. This will give them access to AP Classroom where they can practice their skills, receive feedback on their progress, and see real AP Exam questions.  
  • Remind your child to watch AP learning videos. Starting on September 1, short, on-demand learning videos called “AP Daily” will be available in AP Classroom. AP students can watch these at their own pace on a mobile device or a computer with internet access, or teachers can assign them as part of their curriculum. These are available for most courses.
  • Encourage your child to register for their AP Exams in the fall so that they have the chance to stand out to college admissions officers and save money on tuition with a qualifying score of three of more.
  • Know that May 2021 AP Exams will cover the full course scope and content because colleges expect it. And if our school buildings are closed in May 2021 due to safety concerns, the AP Program will provide a contingency option for AP Exam testing. We expect to know more about this in early 2021.

We will continue to share news regarding assessments as we receive updates.

If you have specific questions, please reach out to Ms. Herbst at

About Advanced Placement (AP)

You're ready! Make the most of your high school experience and earn college credits with our Advanced Placement (AP) program at Minnetonka High School (MHS). Our AP teachers are passionate about their courses and eager to support students undertaking this college-level work. Their dedication benefits our students. In fact, 84 percent of our 2019 graduates took at least one AP or International Baccalaureate (IB) course during high school and 83 percent of AP students scored a 3 or higher on their AP exams (the minimum score needed for college credit consideration).

We offer 29 AP courses in English, world languages, social sciences, history, sciences, mathematics, computer science and the arts. MHS also offers a variety of AP courses through Tonka Online.

Depending on your AP exam scores and college credit policies, you may earn college credit or advanced standing at most of the nation's colleges and universities.

Research is clear: When you take college-level courses in high school, you are more likely to complete your college degree. Whether you are awarded credit or not, our graduates tell us the AP courses better prepared them for the rigor, writing and study skills needed for future success.

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