Full and Part-Day Options

Full-day Kindergarten

Minnetonka has an enhanced Kindergarten curriculum which provides a full day of learning and fun to meet the changing needs of today’s learners.

Our primary goal is to inspire in children a love of learning through developing social and emotional teaching strategies. Our robust curriculum appropriately balances active, playful, hands-on learning with individual, small and large-group instruction designed to nurture early academic skills and promote social development. Teachers attend to fine motor skills, large muscle movement, and cognitive development. Our teachers are experts in child development and use the best in brain research to meet each child at their “just right” learning level and help children prepare for first grade.

Part-day option

We understand that some families prefer less than a full-day schedule for Kindergarten. Responsive to the needs of individual children and families, our Board has approved a part-day option. Families who have been thinking about a half-day option may make arrangements with the school for part-day enrollment, which may extend beyond half day.

Students who attend only part day will probably be assigned to all-day classrooms, due to the anticipated low interest in this option. This model is already being used successfully in three schools in our District. If at some time during the year, the family elects to transition to the all-day schedule, the child may do so easily without changing classrooms. All children will start their day at the school’s start time. Families who elect part-day enrollment will meet individually with the principal and Kindergarten teacher to establish an early dismissal time, either mid-day or early afternoon. Parents will be fully informed about the portion of the all-day curriculum the child will miss, which will then become the responsibility of the family. Transportation for early dismissal is also the responsibility of the family.

Child excited for learning going down Minnetonka School hallway

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