Fine Arts in Elementary School

Visual Arts

Every elementary student receives visual art instruction once in a six day cycle throughout their elementary career. Studio time includes inquiry-based problem solving and critical thinking, as well as the use of various tools and technology. Creative play & exploration time are an integral part of the art experience.

The foundational aspects of the elementary visual arts program include:

  • Creating - art making
  • Responding - talking about art
  • Connecting - how art is influenced by and influences the world around us
  • Presenting - engaging with an audience


Grades K-4
Students receive music lessons with a licensed general music teacher two days per each six-day cycle.  Lessons focus on producing well-rounded and literate musicians by including singing, instrumental music, aural training, composition/improvisation, rhythmic kinesthetics, and notation reading.  Free lessons on string instruments are provided by licensed instrumental music teachers beginning in grade four. 

Grade 5
Starting in grade five, students elect to concentrate their musical growth in a specific area: vocal music (choir), string instruments (orchestra), wind/percussion instruments (band), or general music.  Depending on their choice, students receive large-group music lessons with a licensed general or licensed instrumental music teacher two days per each six-day cycle.  In addition, instrumental music students also receive one small-group lesson on their instrument of choice per each six-day cycle. 

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