School Counselors

Our school counselors at provide assistance to all students in the areas of:

  • Academic, social and emotional support and advisement
  • Crisis intervention and prevention
  • Communication and consultation with students, staff, and families about student needs
  • Planned, Proactive Developmental Guidance Activities and Educational Planning
  • Student placement and scheduling
  • Coordination of student 504 plans
  • Interpretation and coordination assistance with state and district testing
  • Liaison with new and perspective families/coordinate transition to the building
  • Leadership in building initiatives
  • Facilitate and coordinate mainstream support groups
  • Refer families to outside agencies as requested
Dawn Bruesehoff, Counselor
Dawn Bruesehoff
School Counselor
(952) 401-5212

6th Grade: A-U

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Tara Kamann, Counselor
Tara Kamann
School Counselor
(952) 401-5211

7th Grade Last Names A-R

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Matt Litchty, Counselor
Matt Lichty
School Counselor
(952) 401-5215

6th Grade: Last Names V-Z
7th Grade: Last Names S-Z
8th Grade: Last Names V-Z

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Lindsay Stashek, Counselor
Lindsay Stashek
School Counselor
(952) 401-5213

8th Grade: A-U

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Presidential Academic Award Recipients