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Students Can Earn Recognition for Bilingual Proficiency
Students Can Earn Recognition for Bilingual Proficiency

With the largest language immersion program in the state of Minnesota, we set high expectations for world language proficiency. To help gauge progress and identify areas for improvement, we administer meaningful assessments and track results. These can include Advanced Placement (AP) exams, International Baccalaureate (IB) scores or results of the STAMP test that aligns with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency guidelines.

Chinese and Spanish immersion students—who started the program as first-graders in 2007—are demonstrating exceptional levels of language proficiency. All students who enrolled in AP Chinese or Spanish Language and Culture as freshmen earned a score of three or higher on the spring 2016 AP exam, the score at which most colleges and universities award credit.

Now, students can gain official state recognition through the Minnesota World Language Proficiency Certificate and Bilingual and Multilingual Seals.

World Language Proficiency Certificate

The Minnesota World Language Proficiency Certificate officially recognizes proficiency in a language in addition to English. Students of any age who demonstrate Intermediate-Low proficiency on the STAMP exam are eligible for this honor.

Bilingual and Multilingual Seals

The Minnesota Bilingual and Multilingual Seals were adopted by the Legislature in 2015. The Bilingual Seal is awarded for proficiency in another language in addition to English; the Multilingual Seal is awarded for proficiency in two or more languages in addition to English. Gold or platinum seals are awarded upon high school graduation based on a student's AP, IB or STAMP score (see table below). These levels are defined according to ACTFL proficiency guidelines. The Bilingual Seal designation is added to a student's high school transcript and may also be added to their diploma.

We carefully track student proficiency test results to ensure that students receive the appropriate designation.

Minnetonka High School Immersion Pathways through Graduation

In preparation for high school course registration opening this month, the Minnetonka School Board approved a slate of courses that round out the high school Chinese and Spanish immersion curriculum through 12th grade (see tables below).

"New opportunities have been identified for students to not only grow in their target language but to apply their learning as well," said Eric Schneider, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction. "Not all immersion programs try to move all the way through high school, and we are certainly distinguishing ourselves as one of the top immersion programs with the robust options we are creating for students."

New offerings include: study abroad options for students in 10th grade; the two-year IB Bilingual Diploma Program; and an option to apply immersion language skills through hands-on, project-based learning in two VANTAGE strands: Business in a Global Economy or Design + Marketing.

Complete course descriptions are available in the 2017-18 Minnetonka High School Skipper Log Course Catalog.

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For students currently enrolled in Minnetonka High School, please contact Megan Trenda, Immersion Lead, at

To inquire about enrolling a new student in Minnetonka Public Schools, please contact:

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Monica Clark

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Lori Schwartz

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