How to Register

Minnetonka High Schools students interested in taking Tonka Online courses will register for those classes using the same process they would for a regular class:

  • Visit the course information page for the Tonka Online course you are interested in.
  • Find the course number for that course (ex: T100F). Each half credit has a different course number. If you are registering for a full-year course, you will need two course numbers.
  • Determine the term (Summer, Fall or Winter) you wish to enroll. An S, F or W will be the last digit in the course number.
  • Log in to your Skyward account through MyMinnetonka SSO (only your student account has scheduling rights; parent accounts do not)
  • Click on "Schedule" on the left navigation bar.
  • Click on "Request Courses for 2017-18" in the top right.
  • Enter the Tonka Online course number in the search bar.
  • Click "add course."

Registration is not available through a parent account in Skyward. Students must register through their student account.

Tutorial Video

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