Fees and Payment

School-year courses: When Tonka Online is selected as part of your regular schedule within the school day during the school year, there is no charge for a Tonka Online course. However, if you are taking a Tonka Online course as an extra class, there is a fee. The course fee is $325 per semester; except for Tonka Online P.E. (Fitness A or Wellness B), which are $199 per semester.

Summer courses: During the summer term, there is a fee for all Tonka Online courses because they are outside of your regular schedule. Parents/guardians will be notified electronically via email regarding the payment procedure for Tonka Online courses.

Payments: For Minnetonka families, the preferred method of payment is online via Skyward Family Access. For non-District families, online payments can be made through our RevTrak system. Checks will also be accepted.

Important notice: Payment in full is due by the end of the second week of the term. Tonka Online fees are non-refundable (unless the course is cancelled). Should the student decide not to participate nor complete the course, there is no refund.