Tonka Online

Do more in four years

Tonka Online provides high school students with opportunities to explore areas of interest, flexibility in scheduling, and preparation for higher level courses. By taking advantage of Tonka Online, you can complete required or preparatory courses during the summer, flex your daytime schedule or pick up an additional class during the school year. By creatively mapping a four-year plan, you now have the ability to complete three years of math in two years, take two music classes during the year, pursue electives that align with your passions, or ensure time for specialty programs during the junior and senior year. With more than 200 courses offered at Minnetonka High School—including programs like VANTAGE, International Baccalaureate, Project Lead the Way, and a world-class fine arts program— students occasionally have a hard time making it all fit. Tonka Online can help!

Your schedule, your time, your space

Tonka Online offers the best of both worlds— online flexibility with teachers you know. Through Tonka Online, you have the advantage of a high quality Minnetonka curriculum, taught by outstanding Minnetonka teachers, but you can complete your work on your own time, at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own study space. Using the familiar Schoology online platform, you complete work, collaborate with classmates, discuss topics with teachers, and gain frequent feedback through online assessments; but with Tonka Online, you can also meet face-to-face with your teachers if additional support is needed.

Our courses, our teachers, our high standards

All Tonka Online courses meet the high quality curricular expectations of the Minnetonka School District and are taught by fully-licensed, highly qualified and experienced Minnetonka teachers. Most courses are taught by teachers who are teaching the same class both online and daily in an MHS classroom.

Is online right for you?

Students and families should carefully consider if online is a good fit. Successful online learners are self-directed and self-disciplined with a motivation to complete the online course on time. Online courses may be started in the summer or fall and are available in art, business, English, FACS, math, music, physical education, science and social studies.

Credits and fees

Students may enroll in one Tonka Online course per semester. Students who wish to enroll in Tonka Online should complete our online interest form. For courses beyond the standard per year course load, there is a fee of $325 for a one-semester course and $650 for a two-semester course. The fee for online Physical Education is $199 if taken as a summer or extra course.