PSAT Junior Year: National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test

The PSAT junior year could lead to thousands in scholarships for college

Even if you do not plan to take the SAT exam, you must take the PSAT as a junior to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship competition. A high score on the PSAT enhances your college application and could make you a notable recruit for colleges and universities.

Preparation Workshops, Practice Test and Official PSAT Test
(all conducted at Minnetonka High School)

OpportunitiesDetails and Links to Registration/Payment
Wednesday Workshop Package $225Prepare for this important exam through four exclusive workshops!

MHS Math Teacher David Surver and Test Prep Tutor Julie Queenan will lead four Wednesday Workshops to cover the most rigorous English and math content on the PSAT exam. Each session will include one hour of English and one hour of math review for continuity and skill building. Students will receive study materials to be completed before each session. This opportunity is available as a four-session package.

Dates and location
: Four Wednesdays from 6-8 p.m.: September 6, 13, 20, 27 (MHS room location TBD)

Two-step registration process:

1. Register (student login required)
2. Pay for Workshops
Practice Test and Review Session Free

The Princeton Review will lead a full-length PSAT practice test and review session at Minnetonka High School. There is no fee for these sessions; however, students must commit to attending BOTH sessions to participate.

PSAT Practice Test date and location: Saturday, September 9, beginning at 9 a.m. (MHS room location TBD)

Review Session date and location: Saturday, September 30, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Review your PSAT practice test scores, strengths and areas for improvement. This review session is facilitated by a trained PSAT instructor from The Princeton Review.

Register (student login required)

Official PSAT Exam FreeJuniors will take the official PSAT exam on Wednesday, October 11, beginning at 8 a.m. at Minnetonka High School. Students registered for the exam will be excused for hours 1-3.

Register (student login required)

PSAT 10 Sophomore Year: Practice Only

Sophomores are encouraged to take the PSAT test as a practice test for junior year. (Your score will not be entered in the National Merit Scholarship competition.) The test will be administered at Minnetonka High School.

NowPick up PSAT Study Guide from the MHS Counseling OfficeFree
Wednesday, Oct. 11
8 a.m.
PSAT 10 TestFree
Register (student login required)

Hear from some of our Class of 2017 National Merit Finalists

Selena, MHS '17

“I chose a university that offered significant aid. I can now consider other college opportunities-such as study abroad or community service-because I now have funds for those experiences. I believe my National Merit standing helped me get accepted into the Univ. of Minnesota Honors Program.”

Jacob, MHS '17

“I was offered scholarships to every college I applied to; my National Merit standing also helped me get accepted at a military academy. At the Univ. of Minnesota, I received both the Gold Scholarship and the National Merit Scholarship which will cover my tuition all four years. Students with National Merit standing can reap great benefits."

Elizabeth, MHS '17

“I already had a solid ACT score and GPA, but having the title of National Merit Semifinalist helped me stand out. I received half-tuition scholarship offers at the University of Southern California and Northeastern in addition to a company-sponsored National Merit scholarship. It was a lot easier to choose Northeastern with the reduced price tag."


Robb Virgin
MHS Assistant Principal

Pam Humphrey
MHS Testing Assistant
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Students from the Class of 2017 on Decision Day