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Teacher Grants Announced
Teacher Grants Announced

Each year, Minnetonka teachers submit grants for creative, educational ideas and programs they would like to implement for students. Minnetonka Foundation Teacher Grants enhance all academic subject areas, technology, fine arts, early childhood education, special education and community service at all Minnetonka public school sites. Since its inception in 1999, The Teacher Grant Program has awarded almost one million dollars in grants.

This year, the Minnetonka Foundation announced awards totaling $63,124 for the 2017-18 school year, including the following Scenic Heights and districtwide grants:

Advanced Calming Kits for Students
Lead Teacher/Staff: Qingling Mendenhall

  • Summary: Helping students to self-soothe and reclaim control of their emotions, so they can get back to work as soon as possible, the Advanced Calming Kit is an enriched version of the "De-Stress Kit" that piloted at Scenic Heights this year. The calming kits contain anti-stress balls, fidget toys, hand therapy putty, stress relief balls and a variety of de-stressing books. Awarded: $168

    Advanced Calming Kits

Unforgettable First Day of School
Lead Teacher/Staff: Qingling Mendenhall

  • Summary: All Scenic Heights 3rd graders, including Chinese immersion, Navigator and English, can participate in exciting science activities during the first week of school. Student engagement will increase with multi-sensory, innovative and highly engaging science activities. Students will build relationships, community and collaboration starting on the first day of school. Awarded: $320

    Unforgettable First Day of School

SACHIKO – Finding Peace: An Author Visit
Lead Teacher/Staff: Melinda Barry

  • Summary: Caren Stelson is the award winning author of SACHIKO: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor Story, published in 2016. Caren will bring global real world learning into our classrooms as she shares SACHIKO's story with children. She will talk about the writing process, cultural exchange and how SACHIKO found peace, sharing her perspective as the daughter of a WWII soldier stationed overseas and the impact the bombing of Nagasaki had on the world. Awarded: $900 from the Nick Duff Multi-Cultural Fund

    Sachiko Author Visit

Hydroponic Tower Garden in the Classroom
Lead Teacher/Staff: Qingling Mendenhall

  • Summary: A tower garden will bring the 3rd grade science unit to life and deepen learning. Students will learn about hydroponic planting in deeper integrated curriculum with engineering, science, math, language arts and health. Awarded: $1,130

    Hyrdoponic Tower Garden
  • Summary: Board games to support science & math content areas, critical thinking skills and collaboration skills. Navigator students in 2nd through 5th grades will benefit from increased student engagement and expanded learning opportunities. Games include Prime Climb, Xtronaut, Hit the Habitat Trail, Periodic Table card game and Primepak. Awarded: $1,000

    Collaborative Math and Science Games

Chinese Folklore and Folkgame for Library Resource
Schools: Excelsior and Scenic Heights. Lead Teacher/Staff: Hsin-Yi Liu

  • Summary: Elementary students in both English and Chinese classes will explore, engage and experiment in real culture using traditional Chinese folklore and folkgame tools. The native folklore and folkgames, such as shuttlecock, yo-yos, bamboo clappers, go game sets, beyblades chess, jump ropes, and other traditional games integrate Chinese language and studies into the curriculum for students. Awarded: $2,720 from the Nick Duff Multi-Cultural Fund

    Chinese Folklore and Folkgames

Reflex Math – The Importance of Fact Fluency for Successful Mathematicians
Schools: Clear Springs, Deephaven, Excelsior and Scenic Heights. Lead Teacher/Staff: Kimberly Ewen

  • Summary: This grant provides Reflex Math to students who qualify for Title 1 or RtI support with the goal of developing math fact fluency-- automatic, effortless recall of basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students can build fluency with Reflex Math on an iPad or computer anywhere there is an internet connection -- at school or at home. Students enjoy the learning process due to the highly motivational games. Awarded: $3,500

    Reflex Math

Speaking and Listening Stations
Schools: Clear Springs, Groveland, Minnewashta, Scenic Heights and Minnetonka Middle School West. Lead Teacher/Staff: Deb Jensen

  • Summary: Assisting students receiving speech and language services, this grant provides speaking/listening stations with a good microphone and headphone for independent practice of newly acquired sounds. Students will be more engaged and will improve their self-analysis and self-correcting abilities, putting them on a faster track to meeting their goals and objectives. Awarded: $308

    Speaking and Listening Stations

Design for Learning
Districtwide. Lead Teacher/Staff: Nicole Snedden

  • Summary: The Design for Learning district-wide innovation project empowers Minnetonka students, staff, and community to transform teaching and learning through the design of the learning environment. Now in the second year of fund allocation, Design for Learning promotes the exploration of physical spaces and how we utilize them for learning. Awarded: $ 10,000

    Design for Learning
Thank you to the Minnetonka Foundation for their ongoing support!

SACHIKO An Author Visit grant presented to Melinda Barry Hydroponic Tower Garden grant presented to Qingling Mendenhall
Collaborative Math/Science grant presented to Ali Wachutka Design for Learning grant presented to Nicole Snedden
Reflex Math grant presented to Kimberly Ewen Speaking and Listening Stations grant presented to Deb Jensen
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