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Students Travel to India during World Culture Week

"We have always believed in global learning for our kids," says Principal Dave Parker. "World Culture Week is for all learners and aligns well with our District's vision that starting at a young age, we broaden children's awareness of the world."

This is the 21st year Groveland parents have worked together to help students understand the complexities and wonders of different cultures. This year, students are "traveling" to India. They fly with airplane-arms to the Cove where they see, touch, feel and play with authentic items—everything from bracelets and spices to python skin and toys. Co-chair Julie Olson works all year to collect items from museums and other sources for the sensory table. Students share photos from their own trips to India.


A big thank you to our World Culture Week committee, co-chairs Julie Olson and Leah Greenley, and countless families who are sharing their personal treasures and knowledge about India.

"We have so much interest in World Culture Week," said Leah Greenley. "Our parents build the structures, locate props and volunteer to teach from their own experiences." Groveland parent Radhika Rao is presenting history lessons to small groups of children seated inside a tent made of colorful fabrics from India.

"World Culture Week shows the kids that there's more to life than just elementary school," said Mrs. Greenley. "They see how diverse our world really is."


On Thursday, Feb. 9 from 6-7 p.m., we host our World Culture Week Open House. This is a chance for families to tour the displays, learn together and sample authentic Indian food, including curry, basmati rice and samosas.

"As a District, we are committed to providing experiences that integrate authentic and real-world learning with global learning," said Principal Parker. "When you look around, this is an example of going deeper than a textbook, a workbook page or a Smartboard video."

You can see more photos from World Culture Week on the Groveland Elementary Facebook page. "Like" our page to see fun updates from our school!

Parent Radhika Rao presents a lesson on the history of India.

A young Groveland student inspects the stitching on a handmade shoe.

The Cove and hallways are transformed! The Indian Peafowl is the national bird of India and the Himalayan range has the Earth's highest peaks, including Mount Everest.

At the sensory table, a Groveland student smells a cinnamon stick and other spices used in Indian cooking.

Students pose in front of the Himalayan Mountains.

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