Vice President/DistrictBeth

Vice President/CommunicationsKatie
SecretaryAmanda Hultgren

TreasurerJennifer Steingas

Community Building/ Room Parent Coord.

Stephanye Raechel

Volunteer Liaison Admin

Nicole Zapzalka

Volunteer Liaison

Melissa Saigh

Volunteer Liaison

Katie McCartney

Volunteer Liaison

Jenna Schultz

English/Nav Program RepresentativeLisa Roers

Chinese/Nav Program Representative

Ting-Hsien Wang

PTO Executive Board Positions and Descriptions

PTO President

The President is the head officer of the PTO Executive Board. The President works closely with the school Principal and is responsible for the management, supervision, and coordination of the business of the PTO and will ensure that all actions approved by the PTO are carried out. The President presides over all PTO meetings and represents the PTO at District and Board/Executive meetings. The PTO President is an Ambassador of Excelsior Elementary and should carry out the responsibility of being professional at all school and district functions. Specific responsibilities to include setting the annual budget with PTO Treasurer in early spring and reviewing with Principal, attending Coordinating Committee Meetings held biweekly, sending flowers and notes to staff for weddings, births, family deaths and any general thank you notes as needed, and to organize and hold biannual meetings with PTO Committee Chairpersons.

Time commitment: 15-20 hours per month

PTO Vice President

The PTO Vice President serves on the Executive Board for the PTO along with the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Volunteer Coordinator. The Vice President serves as President after the President’s two year term ends. The Vice President participates in Executive Board meetings and district wide leadership meetings with the Superintendent. The Vice President oversees the writing of “Thank-You” notes to Committee Chairperson(s) after the conclusion of a PTO event. The Vice President will oversee the Staff Appreciation Committee in making sure a calendar is completed at the beginning of each school year outlining when thank you gifts are given for specific staff events.

Time commitment: 10 hours per month

PTO Secretary

The Secretary attends all monthly PTO meetings and PTO Executive Board meetings. One week before all PTO meetings prepare stickers for the office secretary to print and distribute to students, also coordinate with custodian on hanging the PTO sign from the school entrance. The Secretary records all minutes for PTO meetings and gives typed/emailed copies to Newsletter Chairperson for each monthly PTO Newsletter and to the Media Specialist for posting on the PTO Website. The Secretary works closely with the Media Specialist on the upkeep of the PTO website including posting all updated information on Committee Chairpersons and upcoming PTO events, meetings and volunteer opportunities.

Time commitment: 4-5 hours per month

PTO Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for the day to day maintenance of PTO Funds including authorizing payments, making deposits and setting the annual budget with the PTO President each spring. The Treasurer is also responsible for reconciling the PTO account and making sure the Treasurer’s balance agrees with the district balance. The Treasurer authorizes payments, makes deposits and routes these items as appropriate on a weekly basis. All payment authorizations must go to the Principal and all deposits must go to the bank on a weekly basis (or more often when necessary e.g. book fair, gift wrap, etc.) In addition, the Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the PTO account on Quicken to balance with the district each month. The Treasurer is expected to attend any and all district Treasurer meetings to keep abreast of any changes pertinent to the function of PTO Treasurer. The Treasurer is expected to attend all Executive Board meetings and give updates as needed on budget questions and issues.

Time Commitment: 11 hours per month, year round: 4 hours per month attending meetings, 6 hours doing financial transactions, and 1 hour per month balancing the PTO account on Quicken for the district.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is an Executive Board position and as such the Coordinator is expected to attend all Executive Board meetings. The primary responsibility of the Volunteer Coordinator is to recruit volunteers for Excelsior Elementary PTO programs, events, fundraisers, projects, and staff needs throughout the school year. Solicitation is done via distribution of the “Volunteer Opportunities” forms in both the fall and spring and the Fall Ice Cream Social. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the organizing of the Ice Cream Social (labeling tables, communicating with chairs on staffing their specific table during the entire social, the collection of volunteer sign up sheets and the clean up of the area when done) Compile lists of volunteers for all PTO chairperson(s) after the Ice Cream Social and distribute to chairperson(s). List of chairperson(s) for the following school year to be presented to the Executive Board in the early Spring for review and discussion on any remaining openings to be filled. In early Fall the complete list of committee chairperson(s) is to be given to the Executive Board at the first meeting in September. Specific events/programs the Coordinator is responsible for getting personally; picture day, standardized testing (MCA’s), hall monitors during voting, and monthly Family meetings. Other responsibilities include making buttons for volunteers as needed, tallying volunteer hours and sending to district.

Time commitment: Very high time commitment in August and September (approximately 80 hours). In April and May 6-8 hours in securing chairpersons for the following school year. Picture day coordination 4-5 hours in October, MCA’s 2-3 hours late Spring, and 1-2 hours for the Family Meetings.