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Teacher Grants Announced

Each year, Minnetonka teachers submit grants for creative, educational ideas and programs they would like to implement for students. Minnetonka Foundation Teacher Grants enhance all academic subject areas, technology, fine arts, early childhood education, special education and community service at all Minnetonka public school sites. Since its inception in 1999, The Teacher Grant Program has awarded almost one million dollars in grants.

This year, the Minnetonka Foundation announced awards totaling $63,124 for the 2017-18 school year, including the following Deephaven and districtwide grants:

Digital Downloads
Lead Teacher/Staff: Jennifer Peters

  • Summary: This grant supports daily Guided Reading instruction to support comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, accuracy, fix-up strategies, predicting, visualizing, questioning and more. Using e-reader downloads on a district iPad allows for better access to texts and flexible downloads "on the go" as student needs change. Awarded: $450

    Digital Downloads

STEM Bins for Kindergarten
Lead Teacher/Staff: Lizzy Maus

  • Summary: Bins with STEM materials, including linking cubes, dominoes, a variety of bricks, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, hook & look circles, playing dough and more, provide kindergarten students opportunities to develop STEM skills through day-to-day learning and play. With these materials, students work on real-world problems, to practice working together, and to let their creativity shine. Awarded: $500

    STEM Bins

Engaged Pedaling Power
Lead Teacher/Staff: Jennissa Schommer

  • Summary: A five-person pedal table for first grade allows for student movement during the day including small group lessons of guided math and reading. Pedaling enhances kinesthetic learning, meets sensory needs of individual students, and focuses students on small group lessons by activating their lower body muscles at the same time activating their brains. Awarded: $5,100

    Pedal Table

Reflex Math – The Importance of Fact Fluency for Successful Mathematicians
Schools: Clear Springs, Deephaven, Excelsior and Scenic Heights. Lead Teacher/Staff: Kimberly Ewen

  • Summary: This grant provides Reflex Math to students who qualify for Title 1 or RtI support with the goal of developing math fact fluency-- automatic, effortless recall of basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students can build fluency with Reflex Math on an iPad or computer anywhere there is an internet connection -- at school or at home. Students enjoy the learning process due to the highly motivational games. Awarded: $3,500

    Reflex Math

Design for Learning
Districtwide. Lead Teacher/Staff: Nicole Snedden

  • Summary: The Design for Learning district-wide innovation project empowers Minnetonka students, staff, and community to transform teaching and learning through the design of the learning environment. Now in the second year of fund allocation, Design for Learning promotes the exploration of physical spaces and how we utilize them for learning. Awarded: $ 10,000

    Design for Learning
Thank you to the Minnetonka Foundation for their ongoing support!
Digital Downloads grant presented to Jennifer Peters Engaged Pedaling Power grant presented to Jennissa Schommer
Reflex Math grant presented to Kimberly Ewen Design for Learning grant presented to Nicole Snedden

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