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Teacher Grants Announced

Each year, Minnetonka teachers submit grants for creative, educational ideas and programs they would like to implement for students. Minnetonka Foundation Teacher Grants enhance all academic subject areas, technology, fine arts, early childhood education, special education and community service at all Minnetonka public school sites. Since its inception in 1999, The Teacher Grant Program has awarded almost one million dollars in grants.

This year, the Minnetonka Foundation announced awards totaling $63,124 for the 2017-18 school year, including the following Clear Springs and districtwide grants:

Language T-Ability
Lead Teacher/Staff: Diana Ortiz

  • Summary: Enhancing the implementation of Istation, a new District enrichment program for student growth in our Spanish Immersion classrooms. Using whole-group and small-group tools, the program allows for regular assessment and growth measurement to better support their language ability. The grant funds headphones, to be used with district iPads and software, to increase listening, comprehension and vocabulary. Awarded: $500

    Language T-ability

Calming Kits
Lead Teacher/Staff: Amy Horning

  • Summary: Equipment for calming kits, including books, liquid timers, stress balls, small fidgets plus bean bags and pillows, to assist students experiencing anxiety to calm down. In conjunction with classroom lessons on anxiety and calming strategies, this grant will elevate students' understanding of their stress and anxiety, and give them concrete ways to reduce anxiety when in class. Awarded: $1,500

    Calming Kits

Weather Station - Hands on Science Tools
Lead Teacher/Staff: Dawn Johnson

  • Summary: With this grant, fifth grade students will use a variety of scientific tools daily in a year-round weather station. This cross-curricular project involves all subjects including STEM experiences and promotes inquiry through using a variety of authentic scientific tools to collect, analyze, and share data. Students will have real life experiences discovering the changing short- and long-term weather patterns. Awarded: $1,698

    Weather Station

Next Steps for the Minnetonka/Ghana Connection
Lead Teacher/Staff: Delette Lemon

  • Summary: For three school years, students have connected with schools, students and staff from Awutu Mannkessim, Ghana. The grant provides reliable internet services for Awutu-Mannkessim. With reliable connectivity, students can have consistent Skype sessions, develop a Minnetonka/Ghana YouTube website and help Awutu to develop an early childhood center. Awarded: $1,750 from the Nick Duff Multi-Cultural Fund

    Minnetonka Ghana Connection

Speaking and Listening Stations
Schools: Clear Springs, Groveland, Minnewashta, Scenic Heights and Minnetonka Middle School West. Lead Teacher/Staff: Deb Jensen

  • Summary: Assisting students receiving speech and language services, this grant provides speaking/listening stations with a good microphone and headphone for independent practice of newly acquired sounds. Students will be more engaged and will improve their self-analysis and self-correcting abilities, putting them on a faster track to meeting their goals and objectives. Awarded: $308

    Speaking/Listening Stations

Reflex Math – The Importance of Fact Fluency for Successful Mathematicians
Schools: Clear Springs, Deephaven, Excelsior and Scenic Heights. Lead Teacher/Staff: Kimberly Ewen

  • Summary: This grant provides Reflex Math to students who qualify for Title 1 or RtI support with the goal of developing math fact fluency-- automatic, effortless recall of basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students can build fluency with Reflex Math on an iPad or computer anywhere there is an internet connection -- at school or at home. Students enjoy the learning process due to the highly motivational games. Awarded: $3,500

    Reflex Math

Design for Learning
Districtwide. Lead Teacher/Staff: Nicole Snedden

  • Summary: The Design for Learning district-wide innovation project empowers Minnetonka students, staff, and community to transform teaching and learning through the design of the learning environment. Now in the second year of fund allocation, Design for Learning promotes the exploration of physical spaces and how we utilize them for learning. Awarded: $ 10,000

    Design for Learning
Thank you to the Minnetonka Foundation for their ongoing support!
Language T-Ability: Diana Ortiz accepts grant Calming Kits: Amy Horning accepts grant Weather Station - Hands on Science Tools: Principal Curt Carpenter accepts grant Minnetonka/Ghana Connection: Delette Lemon accepts grant

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