Insurance is available for all iPads that are part of the District’s 1:1 iPad program for students taking an iPad home. Insurance is elective; it is not required. Students who purchase insurance after receiving an iPad must have the iPad visually inspected by Media Center staff in order to verify the device is not damaged at the time of insurance purchase. Insurance will cover from date of purchase after inspection through the remainder of the school year and following summer. The annual cost for iPad insurance is $40 per iPad per year.

The replacement cost to families not choosing insurance:

  • Damaged or broken screen may cost up to $230 depending on iPad model and severity of screen break.
  • Replacement cost for the entire iPad is $474
  • Replacement cost for the provided iPad case is $50
  • Replacement cost for the provided iPad wall charger and cord is $25

The insurance program offers complete coverage for the first instance of accidental damage. Additional instances of accidental damage will incur a $40 deductible. All iPad parts are covered, including the iPad battery, internal and external components, glass, LCD screen, external buttons, microphone jack, etc. This includes parts and labor.

Not Covered

Intentional damage is not covered. Intentional damage is that which is either observed to willfully have occurred or that which is determined by the type of damage to have been willful in nature.

  • iPad damage incurred while out of a protective case.
  • Damage to the iPad due to liquids is not covered.
  • Loss and theft of the device is not covered.
  • The iPad charger is not covered.
  • The iPad case is not covered.
  1. Log into MyMinnetonka SSO (contact the Family Helpdesk if you need assistance with your log-in information)
  2. Click on Skyward Parent
  3. Click on Fee Management
  4. Click Make a Payment, even if no Unpaid Balance is displayed
  5. Click Update Payment Amount button on the Fee Management line for the appropriate child
  6. If you are adding the optional iPad insurance, you will see it at the bottom of the screen. Click the Add button. If your child's Media Specialist has already added the iPad insurance for your student, you will see it listed as a Fee Due.
  7. Click the Pay Charge box for each item you would like to pay in this transaction
  8. Click Update Cart
  9. Click Pay with Vendor to complete your payment via Revtrak

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