English Language Learner Program

The English Language Learner (ELL) program may sometimes be referred to as the English as a Second Language Program. Language is an essential tool for communication and the fulfillment of academic and personal needs. The staff of the ELL department fosters meaningful understanding of American English and respect for all languages and cultures by facilitating classroom and personal success.

Our goal is to provide appropriate learning experiences for every ELL student with consideration given to each student’s first language levels, English abilities in academic and social contexts, and school readiness.

The ELL objectives are written broadly, with the exception that each individual ELL teacher will work within these objectives to meet each student’s specific needs.

The main objective of the ELL department is to help ELL students achieve English proficiency. This objective is framed in terms of the students’ needs. To function effectively in today’s English-speaking classrooms and communities, the student should be able to:

  • Develop the listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills necessary for academic success, both in mainstream classes and in preparation for post-secondary education.
  • Increase basic interpersonal communicative skills in English for everyday communication.
  • Increase cognitive academic language proficiency in English for academic success.
  • Increase understanding of American multicultural society and how it relates to his/her native culture.
  • Have individual needs identified and addressed.

A second objective is to facilitate interaction between families, schools, and communities.