Reveal What's Real

The Reveal what's Real program is based off the Positive Community Norms (PCN) Framework. A Framework that uses science to grow solutions to complex social problems. PCN provides a process to guide researchers, practitioners, and community leaders to improve health and safety.

The PCN framework is an approach to cultivating community cultures around health and safety issues. PCN is a community (or environmental) transformational approach that engages many different audiences throughout the community for the purpose of improving health and safety. PCN integrates leadership, positive norms communication and prevention portfolio integration across the social ecology to improve health and safety.

The Tonka CARES “Reveal what’s Real” campaign is designed to:

  • Tackle the serious issue of underage drinking
  • Correct misperceptions among youth and in the community
  • Change the community conversation about underage drinking, and as a result…
  • Increase the number of students who choose not to drink