I think my child is using drugs or alcohol. Where can I go for help?

Chemical Health Resources

Services Available through Minnetonka Public Schools

The supports available to students and families at Minnetonka High School (MHS) have recently been expanded. High school students can access free, onsite, confidential chemical health counseling through a partnership between MHS and Relate Counseling Center, thanks in part to a grant from the Minnetonka Family Collaborative. Isabella Hopwood, a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, is available to meet with students at MHS Monday-Thursday during the mornings.

Isabella provides services to students for a variety of reasons. A student may be referred to Isabella as a result of a chemical violation, self-referral, and/or due to concerns from parents, coaches, or other school staff about substance use. She provides chemical health screenings and short-term counseling to students in the school setting. Students can access up to 5 sessions each school year. There is no cost to the student/family to access this service, and insurance is not billed. If the student is in need of more intensive services, Isabella will provide referrals and resources for additional supports.

If you have a non-emergency chemical health concern about a student, you are encouraged to contact the student’s guidance counselor. Requests to meet with Isabella will go through Melissa Feller, a social worker at MHS. Melissa is available to field chemical health questions and provide resources (including a referral to Isabella) for students, parents, staff, and community members. Melissa serves as the chemical health liaison between Minnetonka High School and Tonka CARES and works closely with Isabella. She also serves as the Tonka Leadership Challenge Advisor and helps connect students to clubs and activities that support a chemical-free lifestyle.

Community and Online Resources for Students and Families:

Parent Resources

Signs and Symptoms of Use

Assessments (also called Chemical Health Assessments, Chemical Use Evaluations, Chemical Dependency Assessments or Evaluations)

Education Classes

Community Parenting Resources

LDA of Minnesota serves the needs of children, youth and adults with learning disabilities and related difficulties including attention deficits disorders. Services include:

  • Attention Deficit Support Services: ongoing workshops, monthly support groups, and a Phone Information Line for individuals with AD/HD and those who live and work with them.
  • Tutoring: for children, youth or adults taught by qualified professional teachers.
  • Assessments: diagnostic testing for learning disabilities and an early reading profile for young children experiencing reading difficulties.

For more information, please call 952-922-8374.

Online Parenting Class: "Alcohol Use on Campus"
The University of Minnesota has developed an online course for parents addressing the risks associated with binge drinking during the college years. It provides statistics, tips for talking about alcohol, comments from parents and college students, online discussion opportunities, and a list of available resources.
To register:

This twice-monthly newsletter combines scientific research and parenting experience to help you with the daily challenges of being a parent.

Parent Resource Center
If you need information about the high school programs and activities, if you are having trouble connecting with an individual at the school, or if you just aren't sure where to go, call me or stop by the Parent Resource Center at Minnetonka High School. For more information, please call Mary Kuhn at 952-401-5846.

Resource West
Best known for its annual community drives, Back to School, Winter Warm Wear, and Toy Chest, this responsive community nonprofit also makes over 9,000 annual referrals to resources like food shelves, housing resources, other nonprofits, government services, resources for elderly parents, health care resources and much more.

Individuals and families can find personalized support through the nonprofit's Project Starfish program, computers to use for job and housing searches, Relate Counseling, Children's Dental Service, Accountability MN (during tax season) to help with tax forms and other assistance, and much more.

ResourceWest staff and volunteers practice community building through a process of respectful listening for the needs of people in the western metro community, reporting on those needs, and then working collaboratively with local agencies to address those needs.

ResourceWest does not charge for its services, but welcomes donations and volunteers. Call 952-988-5350 for more information.

MOMSONMONDAY: Prep for Parenting for your Modern Family Blog: Prep for Parenting for your Modern Family Blog
This blog features parenting reflections on topics addressed on the hit show Modern Family. Dr. Roxane Lehmann provides a brief synopsis of the show and shares tips for addressing similar situations within your own family.

Ridgedale YMCA - Single-Parent Family Group
Monday nights from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the Ridgedale YMCA. The cost is $2 per meeting, which includes child care. Free YMCA passes with each visit. For more information, please call Mike Rice at the Ridgedale YMCA 952-544-7708.

myHealth for Teens and Young Adults (formerly West Suburban Teen Clinic)
myHealth for Teens and Young Adults is a non-profit community organization that provides free and low-cost counseling, education, and confidential medical services to teenagers and young adults ages 12-23. No one is turned away if unable to pay. Please visit the website for more information at or call myHealth at 952-474-3251.

Project SOAR - Adults with Disabilities Community Education Program
Project SOAR Lending Resource Library: This library is loaded with disability-related resources for use by staff, parents, students and the general community. It is located at the SOAR office in the MCE suite at the DSC. Stop by and browse anytime. Items are signed out on an honor system. Items include specific disability info, IEP and Special Education resources, parenting info, transition info and resources, curriculum for inclusion and social skills development and para-educational materials. For more information, please call Myra at Project SOAR 952-401-5077.

TreeHouse, a division of Family Hope Services - Practical Parenting of Teens
Minnetonka TreeHouse offers a free weekly parent support group on Wednesdays from 7:00-9:15 p.m. at the Minnetonka TreeHouse, 17800 Hutchins Drive , Minnetonka. Come every week or when you can, to meet with other parents in the community for support, education, and discussion about parenting adolescents. For more information, please call 952-470-1945.

Marijuana Resources for Parents

Marijuana has been making the headlines lately, specifically for the efforts and legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana. Tonka CARES has compiled information from various sources to inform and spark conversation within the community. This information addresses current trends and specifically how they relate to youth. View our powerpoint presentation that addresses:

  • Data on Youth Marijuana Use & Perception of Harm
  • Consequences of Youth Marijuana Use
  • Effects of Marijuana Legalization on Communities

As the nation begins to legalize marijuana, both medically and recreationally, there is new data coming in from those states. The following are the first reports coming out of Colorado.

Did you know that "medical marijuana" is now legal under certain circumstances in our state? Learn more by visiting Minnesota's Medical Cannabis Program site. Shifting marijuana laws have documented effects on youth perceptions about the social acceptance of this drug, which is why it's important to continue to talk about the risks of use as policies change.

Marijuana Resources for Parents