Mission and Vision

Tonka CARES mission is to reduce underage substance use in the Minnetonka School District community.

Tonka CARES vision is of a community where youth choose not to use, and are supported and valued for that choice.

What exactly does Tonka CARES do?

Every Tonka CARES partner is committed to action. Tonka CARES projects include:

  • "Reveal what's Real" Campaign: The Positive Community Norms (PCN) approach shows that when kids perceive that far more of their peers are using alcohol or drugs than actually are, they are more likely to use themselves. Correcting that misconception means less kids start using.
  • Environmental Strategies: Tonka CARES incorporates prevention efforts aimed at changing or influencing community conditions, systems and local policies. Activities will include researching alcohol outlet density, compliance checks results, responsible beverage server training and youth access to alcohol and marijuana. All efforts are to help reduce access to alcohol and drugs, and support youth activism on the issue of underage use.
  • Parent Strategies: Tonka CARES recognizes the important role parents play in preventing youth substance use. Parent programs consist of:
  • Parent Networking Directory: Creates a network for parents.
  • "Talk Early, Talk Often": Aimed at elementary parents.
  • "Eat.Talk.Connect.": Promoting family meals.
  • Quarterly E-Newsletters: Updates parents and contains community resources

When the community joins together to send a consistent message,
more of our kids will “choose not to use”.