Who we are

Tonka CARES is a prevention-focused coalition made up of 50+ members representing various sectors of the community. We work with local law enforcement, businesses, city government, Minnetonka Public Schools, non-profits supporting youth, faith communities, students and parents to create a healthier community and environment that supports positive decision making among young people.

The coalition was established in 2005 and is one of only twenty-six coalitions across MN awarded a federal Drug-free Communities Grant. Tonka CARES has 2 years left of its primary grant and relies on community donations to be sustainable in the future.

According to the Minnesota Student Survey, most young people in our community choose not to use alcohol, marijuana or other drugs. Yet those who do use may compromise their learning, endanger their health and ultimately risk their lives. This a national issue, as well as a local one – but it is local community efforts to reduce substance use that have the most impact.

Our Coalition

Tonka CARES currently has over 30 active members. Our members come from the following 12 sectors and work together to support our mission.

Tonka CARES Coalition Graphic

Some of our active, current partners include:

Minnetonka Public Schools, South Lake Pediatrics, Minnetonka Police Department, South Lake Minnetonka Police Department, Relate Counseling Center, Carver County Public Health & Environment Division, Reframe Inc., Ridgewood Church, Westwood Community Church, Minnetonka Family Collaborative, myHealth for Teens and Young Adults, Traverse Counseling & Consulting, Association for Non-Smokers MN, Partners in Prevention, Hennepin County Human Services & Public Health Department and more!

Leadership for the Coalition is provided by an Executive Committee consisting of Co-Chairs, Secretary (currently seeking), Minnetonka School District Representatives and Tonka CARES Staff.

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Tonka CARES Coalition Meetings. All meetings are held at the Minnetonka Public Schools District Service Center in the Community Room.