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John Ferm '67, world renown numismatics professional

A Penny for your Thoughts, John Ferm
Submitted Rebecca Hahn '73

Minnetonka alumni, John Ferm (class of '67) is a man who has lived and worked in the Lake Minnetonka area all of his life. As one who loved attending the Minnetonka Schools, he returned to the Excelsior area after graduating from St. Cloud College to begin his business; "John Ferm Rare Coins" as a numismatics professional; who today is world renown. His love of our country's history and the histories of all national governments; has only aided him in becoming one of the most brilliant and well respected men in his field today. As a true coin historian, and coin dealer, John has always been regarded as a man of great integrity, and remains dismayed when an article may surface regarding "a not-so-reputable" coin dealer. One bad apple; in this case "does not spoil the bunch!"

For those who do not know what a "numismatics professional" does, it is the study or collections of coins, paper currency, and medals. When you think of it, "money, in one form or another" is the only object in existence that is never thrown away. Each coin serves as a historical documentation for "the previous or current existence of great men, great women and countries with changing boundaries and boarders." A typical day for John could reveal a treasure for someone each time John looks over someone's coin collection; only to find a rare coin worth several thousands of dollars. It could be a found coin that has been discovered via excavation, or someone's estate coins left to them by a grandparent, the intrigue of "history revealed via currency" is ever present.

Six days a week, John looks forward to his daily latte at Dunn Bros, picking up his mail at the Excelsior post office, and doing his banking in Excelsior. He is a huge advocate for patronizing local Excelsior businesses; such as Hour Glass Cleaners, Gary's First Class Car Care, Excelsior Family Dentistry, Ridgeview Medical Clinics, Walgreens, Kowalski's, Marty Chiropractic, Excelsior Dock Theater, Sebastian Joe's, Licks, Kelly Law Offices, Excelsior Florist, and each and every restaurant. As a loyal and enthusiastic member of the Excelsior Rotary Chapter; and next years Rotarian President, John is proud of the many contributions, and sponsorships that this group of individuals have given to our community.

John is a loving father to his two daughters and two step children; with his wife Photojournalist, Rebecca Hahn who is also a MHS Alumni (Becky Plowman class of 1973). Proud of all four college graduates, two from Kansas University and two from the University of Wisconsin Stout, John enjoys singing the praises of each of them. When John runs into a fellow Minnetonka Alumni, he often loses track of time just "remembering the good old days" at MHS. " When it comes to Excelsior and the entire Lake Minnetonka area, one might say that this man wears his heart on his sleeve, perhaps we could simply call him, "Mr. Excelsior?"

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