Fine Arts Endowment

To help ensure a vibrant future for fine arts education in the Minnetonka School District, we have created the MAA Fine Arts Endowment Fund. This permanent, income-producing legacy, administered by the Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation, will make possible extraordinary opportunities for Minnetonka teachers and students in the visual, performing and literary arts - opportunities beyond and separate from the schools’ normal operating budget.

How can I get involved?

An endowment is an investment in the future. We invite you to join in the creation of this vibrant, long-term legacy. To make a tax-deductible gift to the Fine Arts Endowment Fund, please complete a pledge form or show your support with an online donation. Working together we can help ensure excellence in fine arts programming in the Minnetonka School District!


Interested in supporting areas other than the arts?

The Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation raises and allocates funds to initiate and support innovative educational programs that enrich the learning experiences of all students served by the Minnetonka Public Schools. Learn more or make a donation through their Web site.

Why support the fine arts in secondary education?

Students in the 21st century need skills that enable them to craft new realities out of fast-moving data -- to decode sounds and images, articulate problems, envision possibilities and shape workable solutions using multiple diverse perspectives. They need curiosity, adaptability, empathy, the habit of lifelong learning and to compose a future we can only imagine, they will need creativity. Research has consistently shown that combining the desire to create with the perseverance needed to excel in the arts results in improved student performance in all academic subjects.

An arts education:

  • Builds a climate of high expectation; discipline and academic rigor strengthens student problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Promotes a sense of craftsmanship, quality task performance and goal-setting
  • Nurtures a positive work ethic and pride in a job well done
  • Develops greater appreciation and understanding of the world at large
  • Provides an opportunity for parental, community and business involvement with schools
  • School districts that value the arts provide a full education in the deepest sense of the word – one that prepares students to live and work together, to appreciate the interconnectedness of humanity, and to thrive in an uncertain future.

Projects funded through the Fine Arts Endowment Fund:


  • Grandparents and Grandchildren Sing Together: this collaborative concert open to the public features Alive and Kickin’, an auditioned vocal ensemble for people ages 65+, and Music & Lyrics, Groveland’s curricular 5th grade choir.
  • Jamstik Smart Guitar: Jamstik is a tool that helps to bridge the gap between playing an instrument and utilizing technology simultaneously, to be used in the guitar unit for Classroom Music in 7th and 8th grades.
  • Social Skills Through Improv: helps 45 high school students with Autism Spectrum Disorders increase their ability to navigate social situations through participation in six improvisation classes led by ComedySportz Twin Cities.
  • Chinese Dragon/Lion Dance: Elementary students will learn about the Chinese dragon/lion dance characteristics, make their own t-shirt costume, learn how to do the culturally significant dance, and collaboratively present their dance at Chinese New Year.


  • Robotic Engineers at Groveland: Second-graders will work with college buddies to assemble and program 12 robots, and then demonstrate their functioning robots in a classroom showcase.
  • Video Crane at MHS: This MAA grant will provide a new video crane to increase the visual flexibility and creativity of school video presentations.
  • A Long Walk to Water at MMW: Students will read the globally focused novel, participate in live classroom Skype sessions with the book’s author and put their new knowledge into action by creating a service project that supports the building of wells in Sudan.


  • African Drumming: Drums are powerful musical instruments used in one form or another in every culture around the world. This grant will be used to purchase djembe drums that will be played throughout the year. Students will experience playing in a drumming circle, which provides a sense of unity and connectedness, as well as playing individually and being able to work on their own musical creation. (partial funding)
  • Art Reproductions: Student’s efforts in art will be celebrated through this grant by creating art reproductions to fill the Arts Center Gallery during the summer. The art reproductions will include photographs of students making art and quotes about the values of visual art and creative thinking. This will be a dynamic and creative environment for people to see the value of art and it will increase the visibility of Minnetonka’s art program.
  • Skype an Author: Allowing students to Skype with an author gives them the opportunity to see that individual as a ‘real’ person and empowers students to think of themselves as authors and can motivate students in their own writing endeavors. It helps them to view the writing process as an accessible adventure that might inspire them in their own writing.
  • Video Production Sound Bar and Receiver: This grant will fund a receiver and sound bar for the video production room. This upgraded audio equipment will allow students to hear the projects they present with the same quality their videos are made with. This will motivate the students with a more professional finished quality product.


  • Minnetonka Elementary Musical Theatre Program (partial funding)
  • Family Culture Fest at Excelsior
  • Hand chimes (Suzucki “Tone Chimes”) at Middle School West
  • iPad photography apps at MHS
  • Collaborative mural and installation series at MHS
  • All the World’s a Stage at MHS (partial funding)


  • Guest actor workshops at MHS
  • Portable ‘Smart’ Light Board at MHS
  • Musical instruments at Excelsior Elementary
  • Virtual field trips at Middle School West (partial funding)


  • Art room library and resource center at Minnewashta Elementary
  • Weaving loom at Excelsior Elementary
  • Chinese Music Residency at Scenic Heights Elementary (click for video)
  • Guest musician clinics at Middle School East and West (click for video)
  • Drama rehearsal camera at MHS
  • Click on the image above to watch a short video about the 2011-12 Chinese Music Residency Grant funded through the Fine Arts Endowment Fund
  • Click on the image above to watch a short video about the 2011-12 Master Musician Grant funded through the Fine Arts Endowment Fund


  • Art posters for all District elementary schools


  • Art DVDs for all District elementary schools


  • Supplies for 4th graders to learn how to make paper
  • Boomwhackers percussion tubes for middle school music classes
  • Cantus chamber choir in-service with MHS choirs (partial funding)


  • A negative scanner for MHS photography classes
  • Woodworking tools for Minnetonka Theatre at MHS


  • Ethnic dance instruction at MHS
  • Vocal specialist to work with MHS choirs


  • Display cases for the Arts Center on 7 at MHS
  • MHS Jazz Ensemble travel expenses to perform at National School Boards Convention (partial funding)
  • Performance royalties for Theatre productions (partial funding)