2016-17 Board Goals

The Minnetonka School Board has a vision for world-class, child-centered excellence. The Board is committed to ensuring excellence in student achievement and being responsible stewards of District resources.

Each year the Board adopts specific goals to ensure long-term educational excellence for the District. The following Board goals have been adopted for the 2016-17 school year:

Goal 1

Goal 1: Minnetonka Instructional Framework to be Complete June 2017

Align 21st century skills with authentic, real life experiences and global perspectives, technology integrations and personalized learning in order to create well-developed graduates. Items to be considered (not limited to):

Development of personalized pathways to success (E-12). These pathways will be student and parent created plans that identify course selection, extracurricular experience, and skill development to achieve the goals established for the student. Plans will be living documents and will be created and modified to address the developmental levels of the student.

  • Development of parent education tools to identify and nurture students’ strengths, interests and skills
  • Guidance support for student selection of courses and activities
  • Understanding of student needs (academic rigor, future career choices, learning styles, etc.)
  • Leverage best practices of current programs
  • Evaluation of marketplace and skillset needs of employers

Goal 2

Goal 2: Deep Implementation of Strategic Programs

Ensure deep systemic implementation of five recently launched strategic programs to insure that Minnetonka commitments to student achievement and experience, as well as instructional framework and content are successfully accomplished.

The following programs will be holistically reviewed utilizing the adopted School Board Innovation Criteria no later than May 1, 2017. Specific interest areas by program include:


  • Develop a 5-year facility plan for the program
  • An updated financial plan, including any opportunities to generate revenue
  • Plans for future strands and the enrollment projections that accompany the strands
  • Track student achievement


  • Outline the financials and the growth plan for revenue
  • Comprehensive branding and marketing plan for Online
  • Ensure a quality online program and experience for students
  • Develop enrollment projections
  • Track student achievement

Science Research

  • Solidify the community mentorship program
  • Review the project logistics involved in the launch year
  • Evaluate the facility and resources throughout launch year

Tonka Codes

  • Continue to offer diversified options at all grade levels


  • Ensure the high school experience is meeting the needs of students with the course and program offerings
  • Well-articulated high school Immersion pathway including course sequence and IB bilingual diploma

Goal 3

Goal 3: Review, Modify and Ratify the Minnetonka Public Schools Vision Document

The School Board will continue a review and update of the Vision in 2016. Adoption of the vision will occur no later than December 2016.