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About Minnetonka

At the Minnetonka School District, we are focused on world-class, child-centered excellence in early childhood, elementary and secondary education. We are known for academic rigor, excellence in the arts and athletics, and choice and flexibility for students and families. Our excellent schools provide specialized programs designed to meet the learning needs and interests of each child. Specialty programs include Navigators and high potential programs, VANTAGE, Minnetonka Research, Chinese and Spanish Language Immersion, Tonka Online, Tonka Codes, athletics and the arts. All students in grades 5-12 are part of the 1:1 iPad Program. Student achievement is at an all-time high and ranks among the best in the nation.

Our Teaching and Learning Instructional Framework places the child at the center of our curriculum. Beyond reading, writing and math, we nurture collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, global learning, technology fluency and real-world experiences. Our teachers are integral to our culture of innovation. They embrace technology as an accelerator of learning, from coding curriculum to modern tools that keep classroom resources relevant and up-to-date. They are well-versed in design thinking and project-based, personalized learning that will prepare every child for a future that can only be imagined.

Come See for Yourself!

For the past decade, more than 1,000 educators have visited Minnetonka, including the National School Boards Association, which hosted its second visit in Minnetonka in 2014. This year’s 12th annual visit is on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017. Choose to visit an elementary school, middle school or our high school. Small group sessions and classroom visits will provide direct interaction with teachers, staff and students. Come see learning in action, witness proven programs and gather innovative ideas which you can take back to your school. Breakout sessions with some classroom visits will provide direct interaction with administrators, leaders, teachers and students.

Choose from a wide variety of small group sessions led by Minnetonka staff to learn how things work behind the scenes. Sessions include innovation, the Teaching & Learning Framework, instructional technology support, online learning, coding, principal leadership, Design for Learning, assessment, the curriculum review process, Global Learners, gifted and talented programming, innovative student support services, personalized learning, 1:1 iPads, Schoology and more. Discover best practices for implementing meaningful instruction that will accelerate learning, have time to ask questions and head back to your own school full of ideas!

Availability is limited in order to keep sessions small. Lunch is provided. View tentative schedules with breakout session descriptions for each school:

Minnetonka Site Visit

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