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Teacher Grants Announced
Teacher Grants Announced

Each year, Minnetonka teachers submit grants for creative, educational ideas and programs they would like to implement for students. Minnetonka Foundation Teacher Grants enhance all academic subject areas, technology, fine arts, early childhood education, special education and community service at all Minnetonka public school sites. Since its inception in 1999, The Teacher Grant Program has awarded almost one million dollars in grants.

This year, the Minnetonka Foundation announced awards totaling $63,124 for the 2017-18 school year.

All Schools

  • Design for Learning, Lead Teacher/Staff: Nicole Snedden. Awarded: $ 10,000.

Multiple Schools

  • Speaking and Listening Stations, Schools: Clear Springs, Groveland, Minnewashta, Scenic Heights and Minnetonka Middle School West. Lead Teacher/Staff: Deb Jensen. Awarded: $308.
  • Collaborative Math/Science Board Games, Schools: Excelsior and Scenic Heights. Lead Teacher/Staff: Ali Wachutka. Awarded: $1,000.
  • Chinese Folklore and Folkgame for Library Resource, Schools: Excelsior and Scenic Heights. Lead Teacher/Staff: Hsin-Yi Liu. Awarded: $2,720 from the Nick Duff Multi-Cultural Fund.
  • Reflex Math – The Importance of Fact Fluency for Successful Mathematicians, Schools: Clear Springs, Deephaven, Excelsior and Scenic Heights. Lead Teacher/Staff: Kimberly Ewen. Awarded: $3,500.

Early Childhood and Family Education

  • Puzzles for Preschoolers, Lead Teacher/Staff: Ashley Peterson. Awarded: $818.

Clear Springs Elementary School

  • Language T-Ability, Lead Teacher/Staff: Diana Ortiz. Awarded: $500.
  • Calming Kits, Lead Teacher/Staff: Amy Horning. Awarded: $1,500.
  • Weather Station - Hands on Science Tools, Lead Teacher/Staff: Dawn Johnson. Awarded: $1,698.
  • Next Steps for the Minnetonka/Ghana Connection, Lead Teacher/Staff: Delette Lemon. Awarded: $1,750 from the Nick Duff Multi-Cultural Fund.

Deephaven Elementary School

  • Digital Downloads, Lead Teacher/Staff: Jennifer Peters. Awarded: $450.
  • STEM Bins for Kindergarten, Lead Teacher/Staff: Lizzy Maus. Awarded: $500.
  • Engaged Pedaling Power, Lead Teacher/Staff: Jennissa Schommer. Awarded: $5,100.

Excelsior Elementary School

  • Chinese Folk Song and Dance, Lead Teacher/Staff: Hsin-Yi Liu. Awarded: $1,000.
  • Special Ed Tools, Lead Teacher/Staff: Liz Myer. Awarded: $1,548.
  • Broaden the Bookshelves, Lead Teacher/Staff: Tim Ketel. Awarded: $2,788.

Groveland Elementary School

  • Students and Elders Learning Together, Lead Teacher/Staff: Sara Lovelace and Patricia Cespedes-Schueller. Awarded: $400.
  • My Memory Book- Scrapbooking Through the Year, Lead Teacher/Staff: Tara Sweeney. Awarded: $500.
  • Kindergarten Aero Gardens, Lead Teacher/Staff: Pam Wertjes. Awarded: $1,260.
  • Ride and Read, Lead Teacher/Staff: Rachel Studnicka. Awarded: $2,160.

Minnewashta Elementary School

  • Virtual Field Trips, Lead Teacher/Staff: Heather Baker and Joy Curran. Awarded: $1,750.
  • ScreenFlex Mobile Art Displays, Lead Teacher/Staff: Christin Congdon. Awarded: $1,870.
  • Books are Alive! Reading is Fun!, Lead Teacher/Staff: Sofia Cerritos. Awarded: $2,170.

Scenic Heights Elementary School

  • Advanced Calming Kits for Students, Lead Teacher/Staff: Qingling Mendenhall. Awarded: $168.
  • Unforgettable First Day of School, Lead Teacher/Staff: Qingling Mendenhall. Awarded: $320.
  • SACHIKO – Finding Peace: An Author Visit, Lead Teacher/Staff: Melinda Barry. Awarded: $900 from the Nick Duff Multi-Cultural Fund.
  • Hydroponic Tower Garden in the Classroom, Lead Teacher/Staff: Qingling Mendenhall. Awarded: $1,130.

Minnetonka Middle School East

  • Deck Crew: School Climate Improved by Students, Lead Teacher/Staff: Bev Antilley. Awarded: $2,995.

Minnetonka Middle School West

  • Elements Kit, Lead Teacher/Staff: Lena Pivec. Awarded: $866.
  • Tedx Conference, Lead Teacher/Staff: Lisa Lewis. Awarded: $1,000.
  • Gallery Display of Student Art in School, Lead Teacher/Staff: Emily Swagel. Awarded: $2,947 from the Minnetonka Alumni Association Fine Arts Endowment.

Minnetonka High School

  • Drone On, Lead Teacher/Staff: David Surver. Awarded: $623.
  • Tonka Serve, Lead Teacher/Staff: Michelle Seets. Awarded: $1,500 from the Youth Citizenship Endowment Fund.
  • Yoga for All, Lead Teacher/Staff: Alison Terrell. Awarded: $2,185.
  • Social Skills Through Improv, Lead Teacher/Staff: Kelly Kautz. Awarded: $3,200.
Thank you to the Minnetonka Foundation for your ongoing support!

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