Lettering FAQs

Who can participate?
All Minnetonka High School students grades 9–12

Where can I volunteer?
There are many ways to volunteer in your community through school, churches, hospitals, non-profit agencies, nursing homes, parks, etc. Visit to find current youth volunteer opportunities with area organizations. You can also search for opportunities under an area of interest.

How are hours spent volunteering on a mission trip, as a camp counselor or on a volunteer vacation counted?
Volunteers may count up to 8 hours per day for mission trips, camp counseling or volunteer vacations. If you have documentation proving you served more than these hours you may submit it.

Can I count hours from club meetings?
If you participate in a school club, youth group, scouts, etc. you may count hours spent at meetings organizing and implementing a service project. Only hours spent planning and participating in a service project will count as community service hours.

Can I count my volunteer hours towards both a Varsity Letter and other volunteer awards like the President’s Volunteer Service Awards?
Yes, you may apply hours spent volunteering towards other awards. You may not count hours spent preparing your Reflection Project towards either a Varsity Letter or the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

What else doesn’t count?

  • Travel time to and from service activities
  • Hours spent sleeping during overnight service trips or events
  • Unpaid internships with for- profit organizations
  • Volunteer hours that apply towards another Varsity Letter i.e., sports team managers, participants in theatre or choir performances
  • Court mandated community service or volunteer service required for a class or as a requirement for graduation

How can I learn more? Contact Michelle Seets, Community Service Specialist, at 952-401-5766.