Employee Awards for Child-Centered Excellence

The Awards

Bradley G. Board Grant for Excellence in Elementary Education

Sponsored by the Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation, the Bradley G. Board Fund awards an annual grant award to a District elementary teacher or professional staff person as a form of public recognition of excellence and achievement for this individual as a teacher/mentor having great impact on children. This monetary award is intended as a sign of encouragement for ongoing teaching and learning. It is meant to assist in the pursuit of the recipient’s interests.

Charlie Parnell Fund Memorial Award

The Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation and the Parnell Family are proud to honor a compassionate teacher or staff member in the Minnetonka School District who goes above and beyond to touch the life of a student with special needs.

Minnetonka Employee Awards for Child-Centered Excellence

We are pleased to introduce a new recognition program to shine a spotlight on our many exemplary employees. This recognition is not a selection of Minnetonka’s best employee in each category—which varies by year, by day, and by moment. This award seeks to select the best representatives of the many outstanding employees in the Minnetonka School District. The program includes recognition for representatives from every employee group.

Minnetonka Awards for Child-Centered Excellence in Teaching

This award seeks to select the best representatives of the many outstanding teachers in the Minnetonka School District. The award includes recognition at every level and from every school. This award will serve as local recognition and the District’s nominating procedure for the Minnesota Teacher of the Year program.

Team Award for child-centered collaboration

Collaboration is a key element of Minnetonka Public Schools' Teaching and Learning Framework. We depend on teachers, staff and the community to develop relationships and design unique student experiences for deeper learning. This award gives us an opportunity to encourage a collaborative culture of innovation in our District and recognize the efforts of a collaborative team (two or more individuals) working together to positively impact student learning.

Joyce Gustafson Memorial Award

Sponsored by the Lake Minnetonka/Excelsior Rotary Club this award is an ongoing tribute in memory of Joyce Gustafson, a long time Minnetonka music teacher who died in April 1999, after a five-year battle with cancer. This annual award provides recognition to a Minnetonka employee who demonstrates the special commitment to students, creativity in teaching, support for colleagues, and the high level of professionalism shown by Joyce Gustafson during her teaching career in the Minnetonka Schools.

Ross McGlasson Award for Leadership in Community Service

This relatively new award promotes and recognizes strong volunteer leadership and community involvement in the South Lake Minnetonka Area, including support of the Minnetonka School District and support of youth-oriented activities and services.

Spinnaker Award

The Minnetonka School District Spinnaker Award is presented annually to individuals or groups who exemplify volunteerism, community and serving the greater good. Like the spinnaker on a sailboat, the groups or individuals recognized with this award are out in front, full-sail, leading us toward the fulfillment of our dreams. These individuals are powered by the winds of passion, hope, confidence, and inspiration. Honorees may be individual volunteers, financial contributors, volunteer project or event groups, business partners.

Minnetonka Community Education Awards

The Minnetonka Community Education Advisory Council will award up to three awards to volunteers, program participants, or others involved in one of three program areas: Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), Youth Programs or Adult Programs.

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Four ways to submit a nomination

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