Middle School Services

Minnetonka Public Schools is dedicated to meeting the unique, individual academic needs of each student.

Sixth Grade High Potential Seminar

High Potential (HP) services continue to help meet the needs of 6th grade HP students through High Potential Seminar. This course is designed to meet the individual academic needs of each High Potential sixth grade student. The units are planned to address both the intellectual and affective (social and emotional) needs of students. The course will foster the development of:

  • Academic skills
  • Creative talents
  • Cognitive leadership abilities for students

Students will discover, develop and realize their potential as individuals and as contributing, responsible members of the community. The goal of this course is to encourage achievement at a level corresponding with the student’s ability, talent, interest, and curiosity through activities and investigations that are extensions of core sixth grade curriculum. Currently identified High Potential students will have the opportunity to participate in this course in place of FACS 6.

In addition to providing direct instruction to all 6th grade H.P. students in High Potential Seminar, services are offered to eligible H.P. students in SOAR offerings. High Potential services are available to all students throughout the year. H.P. services provide support to teachers, staff and families by assisting with:

  • Differentiated curriculum
  • Locating and sharing resources and information to help meet individual social, emotional and academic needs of learners
  • Coordinating and facilitating academic recognition and competitions for local, regional and national events

Honors Courses

While the majority of 7th and 8th grade students at Minnetonka Middle School East and Minnetonka Middle School West find appropriate levels of challenge within the general classroom settings, some students' needs are better met in other settings.

Honors courses are provided in 6th, 7th and 8th grade. These courses are designed to meet the needs of students who are functioning at an abstract level or have a very high ability in one or more of these subjects. Students must also demonstrate the motivation and work habits necessary to be successful with more rigorous curriculum.

To meet the needs of budding scientists, Minnetonka offers both honors level science as well as our innovative Accelerated Science sequence.

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Academic Placement

Learn more about academic placement at Minnetonka Middle School East and West.

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Minnetonka middle schools typically offer several academic activities including:

  • Continental Math League
  • Destination ImagiNation
  • Knowledge Bowl
  • Math Club
  • Minecraft Club
  • Science Olympiad
  • Speech Team

Check the middle school webpages for a current list of enrichment activities.