World Languages

A cultural experience

Minnetonka High School has an outstanding World Language program and our students excel on National Language exams. In addition to classroom instruction, you'll have an option of joining international travel experiences.

You may begin or continue the study of world languages at Minnetonka High School, with the following languages offered in all grades:

      • American Sign Language
      • Chinese
      • French
      • German
      • Spanish

Those of you planning to attend a college or university can often satisfy your college admission and/or graduation requirements by taking world language courses during high school. All world language courses are electives.

Continuing a language

If you have successfully completed Level 1 Chinese, French, Spanish and German in eighth grade, you should register for Chinese 2, French 2G or 2H, German 2, or Spanish 2G or 2H. Speak with your current World Language teacher for placement advice. In French and Spanish levels 2-4, there is an accelerated course option, denoted by an “H,” and a general level course option, denoted by a “G.” International Baccalaureate (IB) Language B Standard Level (SL) and IB Higher Level (HL) classes are offered in Chinese, French, German and Spanish at level 4.

You will not be allowed to switch from accelerated classes to regular classes, or vice versa, without your teacher’s approval. The World Languages department has clear guidelines before any changes may occur. For further information, please speak with your current teacher.

If you're entering Minnetonka High School from another school district, international study, or unique program, please consult with the World Languages department chairperson to determine the correct placement and possible credit for previous study/experience.

A full description of each course is available in the Skipper Log Course Catalog.

Our Mission Statement

The Department of World Languages at Minnetonka High School prepares students to be global citizens with high levels of language and cultural proficiency, empowering students to communicate effectively and make connections across diverse cultures.

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Bekah Aponte
World Languages Department Chair

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Chinese and Spanish Immersion

Please visit the Language Immersion page.