Frequently Asked Questions

VANTAGE is a college-preparatory academic program with a focus on specific career fields. Courses combine challenging high school classes and project-based learning in a professional environment to give students a head-start on their future career. This program is designed to develop highly-skilled professionals for high-demand careers. New careers fields are added each year.

Tapping the expansive network of the Twin Cities business and professional community, students learn from guest instructors, partner-driven projects, and mentors. Beyond the academic program, students develop communication, collaboration, project-management, presentation, and professional skills that distinguish them from their peers. Imagine the potential benefits of writing your college essay about a business problem you studied for Best Buy, generational research you completed for a book being published in the next year, or the clinical simulation you completed with a leading research hospital.

Each area of study has a unique personality, bringing together students with similar career interests, facilitated by a team of licensed Minnetonka teachers. Each course fulfills at least one graduation requirement. Classes meet at the VANTAGE offices on Baker Road. Click on the course of study to read the course description, prerequisites and number of hours/credits.

When and how do I enroll?

We enroll students annually in conjunction with the Minnetonka High School registration window each February for the following school year. Click the APPLY NOW link to begin the process. New students are accepted beginning in January through the first week of classes in September on a space available basis. Students must be enrolled in Minnetonka High School to participate in this program. [more about school open enrollment.]

What is the application process?

1. APPLY NOW. The online application form includes short answer essay questions and requires a teacher's name for a reference. [It is wise to talk with the teacher before submitting their name.] The application must be completed by you, not a parent. Students may apply Dec. 1-March 4.

2. INTERVIEW. VANTAGE instructors will contact students through their school email address to schedule an interview (January - March). You must demonstrate maturity, responsibility, and interest in the profession to be considered. The interview is a discussion with an instructor about interest and fit. VANTAGE is different from a traditional classroom and requires more independent initiative, collaboration with project teams, and project-based learning. The interview seeks to ensure the you have the motivation and interest to be successful when working on client projects and interacting with adults in a professional environment.

3. REGISTER. During the February MHS registration window, you must log into Skyward and add VANTAGE by course number to your course list. Students should register for VANTAGE if they are interested in VANTAGE, whether or not the interview/acceptance is complete.

Is there a minimum GPA required?

No. There is no minimum GPA required, but students need to be on track for graduation and have a plan for on-time completion of all required credits for graduation.

Most people are surprised to learn that VANTAGE is representative of the average student at Minnetonka High School. The average cumulative GPA for VANTAGE students over the last two years was 3.4, only slightly higher than the cumulative MHS Median GPA of 3.27. VANTAGE has been instrumental in moving more MHS students to a higher level of rigor. Students who may not have taken an AP or IB course in a traditional classroom have found great success in VANTAGE.

Are VANTAGE courses weighted for GPA calculations?

Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses may receive a weighted grade if students earn a 3 or higher on the AP or IB exam. Students earn a grade for each credit within a VANTAGE course. If the course includes an AP or IB course credit, that particular grade is weighted. For example, students in Business Analytics are eligible for weighted grades for the AP Statistics and IB Business and Management. Students in Psychology of Instruction receive a weighted grade for the AP Psychology portion of the course and a non-weighted grade for the Intro to Education portion of the course.