Become a Mentor

Become a VANTAGE mentor – a trusted and experienced adviser who will have a direct interest in the development and education of a younger and less experienced individual interested in a similar field. All VANTAGE students are part of the Mentoring Program. The effectiveness of the Mentoring Program depends on the active participation of both the mentor and the student. Classroom instruction is project-based with minimal lectures and textbook use. Therefore input and involvement from the mentor and student is a critical part of the learning process.

Research shows that mentors have much to gain from a mentoring relationship. The opportunities to exercise expertise and ability to identify and develop new talent can enhance a career. Mentors are often motivated by a perceived need in a student, or memories of being mentored themselves and the lasting impact it had. Mentoring also provides the opportunity to acquire a fresh perspective on professional issues.

Mentor Benefits
    • Increased respect and recognition from others
    • Extended network to other mentors and students
    • Contributions to the development of future professionals
    • Development of additional skills not required in current position
    • Honed creativity
    • Job satisfaction
    • Window to “gain by giving”
Mentor Criteria
    • Positive role model in your position or area
    • Efficient and effective communication
    • Encouraging and motivating
    • Ability to create and sustain a learning environment
    • Practices and garners respect
    • Commitment to the mentoring program
    • Knowledge from the work force and area of expertise
Mentor Commitment Checklist
    • Complete the Trusted Employees background check
    • Meet with the instructor and participate in a Mentor training session
    • Schedule an initial face-to-face meeting with your student. Face-to-face meetings may be scheduled at MHS, a mentor’s office, coffee shop, etc. Subsequent meetings should be scheduled based on the mentor’s schedule – weekly, monthly or as needed
    • E-mentor your student with one email per week [be a resource for projects]
    • Participate in Group/Work sessions – help your student become part of a team working on real projects and/or assign a project to your student that will benefit your business unit. Projects can be done at your office or at MHS.
    • Invite students to special business-related events that will be significant to high school juniors and seniors
    • Assign tasks and other research to help your student gain a better understanding of the course content and discussion
    • Serve as a resource to assist your student on a current project
    • Be a guest speaker – if you choose to
    • Provide your student with input based on your professional life experiences
    • Be a good listener – let your student do the talking to assess his/her understanding of the course material
    • Motivate your student to action – be a coach or a cheerleader
    • Encourage problem solving
    • Ask your student to provide success stories on projects they are working on to instill confidence
    • Become a part of your student’s network
    • Provide letters of recommendation to deserving students
    • Recommend other mentors and/or speakers for the VANTAGE program
    • Support and collaborate with instructors
    • Complete a mentor evaluation and sign up for the following school year

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will be required?

As much or as little time as you are able to give is appreciated. A minimum of one email correspondence each week is the guideline for time commitment.

Am I qualified to be a mentor?

If you are employed by yourself or a company that relates to the Vantage coursework then you are qualified. Junior and senior students can receive valuable learning from your work expertise and experiences.

How can I apply to become a Vantage Mentor?

Complete the online interest form and someone from our team will contact you.

Vantage Students

All Vantage students are part of the Mentoring Program. The effectiveness of the Mentoring Program depends on the active participation of both the student and the mentor. Classroom instruction will be project-based with minimal lectures and textbook use. Therefore, input and involvement from the mentor and student is a critical piece to the learning process in VANTAGE.

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