Business in a Global Economy

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Engage in a real-world experience in high-demand corporate environments. You will complete the Kauffman Fast-Track course for entrepreneurs, “Shark Tank” simulation, Equity Analysts Research Challenge, business site visits and the Market Class Investment Portfolio simulation. You will spend both semesters working on partner-driven projects, solving business problems and experiencing the challenges of project-based work.


This year-long, three-credit course earns credits in:

• AP Economics (Micro and Macroeconomics) (one social studies credit)
• IB Business and Management SL (HL also an option) (one elective credit)

• English and Advanced Research (one 11th or 12th grade English credit)


More than 50 guest instructors provide their expertise on topics aligned with the VANTAGE curriculum. Teachers use a content-first approach to learning, enabling you to master academic core content first and then see how this learning is implemented by business partners to provide solutions to real-world challenges.


All VANTAGE students have a 1:1 mentor, but networking extends beyond one professional. Mentors often open doors and guest instructors freely share their contact information, some even provide employment and extended site visits.

    • Emerson Rosemount: Research and design Emerson’s 2014 State Fair exhibit for inspiring interest in engineering among youth.
    • General Mills: Study how teens use cell phones, giving General Mills a social media guide to develop teen brand loyalty.
    • Aspire Beverage: Develop and market-test two new flavors of healthy sports performance drinks.

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